Division of Student Success 

  • Steven Swinford, Vice President for Student Success
    • Jennifer Joyce, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Success
      • Alex Sutcliffe, Program Coordinator
      • Rebecca Eberlin, Division Specialist

Office of the Dean of Students

  • Matthew Caires, Dean of Students
    • Bill McKenney, Associate Dean of Students 
    • Erin Macdonald Peck, Senior Assistant Dean of Students
    • Amber King, Assistant Dean of Students
    • Kate Emmerich, Case Manager & Re-entry Coordinator
    • Allison Gidley, Case Manager

Office of Student Engagement

  • Molly Lammers, Administative Associate Manager
    • Marrakech Maxwell, Program Manager
    • Kim Cleary, Program Manager
    • Erin Bolger, Program Manager 
  • Chris Pruden, Program Manager
    • Ambika Murali, Division Specialist

Office of Disability Services

  • Michael McNeil, Director
    • Nancy Filbin, Acting Assistant Director
    • Sarah Salam, Accomodations Specialist
    • Brent Heuer, Accomodations Specialst
    • Sarah Heaton, Division Specialist