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Important: If someone is at imminent risk of harming themselves or others, or if you perceive the situation to be an emergency, please contact 911 now.  



If you are concerned about the welfare of someone affiliated with MSU and this is a non-emergency, we encourage you to complete a CARE Referral. Sometimes people cannot or will not ask for support, so informing us of your concern may be a critical factor in getting them support they need. There are a number of reasons why someone might need help that you can report on this form, including, but not limited to: threats of suicide or self-harm, threats regarding violence to others, other mental health related concerns, and concerns to the safety of the community.

If you consider the situation to be an emergency, call 911 NOW. If this is not an emergency please submit a CARE Referral (formally known as a student of concern report or CARE Alert) by clicking the button above. 

What is a CARE Referral?

The CARE Referral provides a simple way for members of the university community to express concern about a person by submitting an online form and connecting them to resources. Once a CARE Referral is made, it is reviewed and appropriate action is taken, if necessary.

When should I submit a CARE Referral?

Please submit a CARE Referral if you are concerned about the wellbeing of someone in the campus community or someone who may be a danger to themselves or a danger to the community. 

What happens once I submit a CARE Referral?

Once a Referral is submitted it is reviewed and next steps are determined. Someone from the CARE Team will contact you to confirm your report, if requested. A follow up phone call, email or meeting may be requested with the person of concern in order to connect them with appropriate resources. 

What if I am only worried about a student's academic performance?

If you are a faculty member concerned about a student's attendance record, their lack of class engagement or course work completion you can complete an Early Alert Referral through the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success to connect your student with academic resources.  

Who can submit a CARE Referral?

Anyone connected to the Montana State University community is welcome to submit a CARE Referral. You can even submit a Referral on yourself if you need support. 

What if I am uncertain about submitting a CARE Referral?

If you are unsure if a situation meets criteria for a CARE Referral, you can submit a report and check the box that states "I am not sure what help is needed."

Who serves on the CARE team?

The CARE Team is a multi-disciplinary team made up of MSU staff who meet regularly to assess cases and connect students to resources and support. 


Depending on your interest, please click on the appropriate button below.

You can also submit a CARE Referral through the SAFE CATS app on your mobile device.


Amber King, Assistant Dean of Students

[email protected]

(406) 994-2826


As a result of growing national trends on college campuses of mental health issues and the increase in unsafe behaviors leading to harm or death, Montana State University has created the MSU CARE Program. In order to promote the safety and wellness of the University, MSU CARE addresses behaviors that are disruptive or concerning and may include mental health and/or safety issues.


MSU CARE is composed of members from the Office of the Dean of Students, University Police, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Service, Residence Life, Disability Services, and Veterans Services.  This program is responsible for discussing, assessing, and responding to reports of individuals who are demonstrating disruptive or concerning behaviors. MSU CARE is designed to be proactive in providing swift, coordinated, caring, and developmental intervention to member of the campus community prior to crisis.