Each of the below processes must be completed within a specific time frame with deadlines depending on the semester.

Specific "drop dates” and other important dates can be located on the Registrar’s website in their Registration Handbook

withdrawal flow chart



Undergraduate students should go through the Office of the Registrar to complete a university withdrawal. 

Graduate students need to work with The Graduate School if they wish to withdraw from the current semester. 

    The Graduate School Withdrawal Process (under University Withdrawal)
    Montana Hall 108

If a student is experiencing medical complications or emergencies and wishes to withdraw from the semester, they are encouraged to contact the Office of the Dean of Students to inquire about a Leave of Absence

Learn more about a Retroactive Withdrawal

Please note: A Retroactive Withdrawal is reserved for students who expereinced extreme, extenuating circumstances. This process requires a written narrative AND supporting documentation from an objective third-party. This is an all-or-none process and applies to all classes in the semester requested.  

Dropping Classes

Students must meet with their academic advisors in order to drop a class. See the Registar's Office for more details


Incomplete or "I" grades are processed by the faculty member.  In order to be considered for an "I" grade, the student must have completed 75% of the course and be passing the course. You can download the Incomplete form to initiate this process Please direct any questions on Incompletes to the Office of the Registrar

Prior to completing this form, the student must consult with their faculty member. The instructor has the final authority to approve or disapprove the "I" grade. 


What happens....

if I want to replace a grade from a previous semester?

If you retake a course, only the most recent grade will be used to compute your GPA and count for your credit total. However, the course and each grade will be listed on your transcript every time you take it.

to my Financial Aid if drop classes or I withdraw from my entire semester?

Financial Aid eligibility may be impacted if drop classes or withdraw from all classes. All students are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid before making any decisions regarding course load in order to discuss the implications on their aid package. 

to my transcript if I withdraw from my classes?

Withdrawing from one or all classes after the 16th day of class and before the 60th day of the semester will result in W's on a transcript in place of a letter grade. W's do not impact GPA, and a student may retake any given class with a W to record an actual letter grade.