Dear Bobcats,

Thank you for supporting our Bobcats at the first football game last weekend - your energy was felt by every player and it made a difference in our environment.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of our 'Code of a Champion.' As Bobcats, we pride ourselves on good sportsmanship and fan conduct. Following the Code of a Champion is important for the safety and enjoyment of the game by all our fans, players and guests. Violators of these principles may be subject to ejection from the event and the revocation of their ticket privileges for the season.

The Bobcat Code of a Champion demonstrates our commitment to provide athletic events that are safe, clean, welcoming and enjoyable to all fans. The code is comprised of the following principles:

*We all represent Bobcats. Do so with class and displays of sportsmanship.

*Respect all staff, fans, officials, student-athletes and opposing teams.

*Cheer long and LOUD - in a respectful manner that avoids obscene or abusive language.

*Refrain from behaviors that are unruly or disruptive.

*Demonstrate responsible behavior when consuming alcoholic beverages.

*Respect all facility regulations and event staff personnel. 

I encourage you to click here to watch our student-athletes review the 'Code of a Champion.' By holding ourselves to these principles, we an ensure a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for all.

We look forward to hearing you cheer on the Cats and sing our fight song loud and proud. Here is a link to the lyrics. Hearing you sing the National Anthem last weekend was a reminder of the powerful voice that 4,000 students can create together.

 Go Cats!

Matt Caires,Dean of Students