EHHD Research & Creativity Seed grant RFP

AY 2023-24

The College of Education, Health and Human Development will award $1,000-6,000 Research & Creativity Seed Grants.   The goal of the seed money is to fund new projects with the expectation that the seed funding will result in growth of the project and potentially an external grant application. The source of this funding is F&A returns from the MSU VPR-EDGE.  Priority is given to pre-tenure faculty and those who have not received seed grant funding from EHHD in the past.

Eligible: TT Faculty


Please submit a 2‐4 page document (Word or pdf) with the following information:

  1. Name (s)
  2. Project title
  3. Project description (including a description of any current and pending support)
  4. Description of how the project supports the research agenda of the Principal Investigator(s)
  5. Description of how this project aligns with the MSU Strategic Plan or EHHD Goals, Grand Challenges, or our EHHD Diversity & Inclusion Plan.
  6. Description of how seed grant funds will be used
  7. Budget and Budget Narrative (How will funds be spent?)

Application information & Award conditions:

  • Deadline: rolling during AY 2023-24 until funds expended
  • Please submit your application to: Elizabeth Bird [email protected].
  • The Leadership Team with the Project Development/ Grant Specialist will serve as the review committee for evaluating and prioritizing applications.
  • Awardees will attend an EHHD fiscal training before funds can be spent.
  • Awardees are expected to submit a paragraph describing their work to Karen Funke for an EHHD publication, news article, or video.
  • Awardees must have attended (or plan to attend) OSP’s PI training.
  • Use of funds may include travel to visit with grant program officers, project partners, or to assist in the collection of pilot data, etc.
  • The deadline for expending funds will be determined at the time of the award, usually within the current fiscal year. 

Criteria for Evaluation:

  1.  Contribution to the principal investigator(s)’s coherent research agenda (25%)
  2. Alignment with MSU or EHHD Strategic Plan, Grand Challenges or Diversity & Inclusion Plan (25%)
  3. Degree of collaboration and interdisciplinarity (10%)
  4. Likelihood of the project leading to scholarly outputs such as manuscripts or presentations etc. (20%)
  5. Likelihood of obtaining future external grant funding to support this work (10%)
  6. Budget clarity (10%)