College of Education, Health and Human Development
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Framework 2023-2029


Current EHHD DEI Committee members: Ann Ellsworth, Christy Sofianek, Elizabeth Williamson, Gilbert Kalonde, Kayte Kaminski, Kristofer Olsen, Lindsay Ganong, Suzi Taylor, Kasia Maison, Leslie Rogers, Ania Bartkowiak, Mosey Hardin, Sara Heller

EHHD Diversity and Inclusion Framework

Since the fall of 2016, the College of Education, Health and Human Development has been committed to a college-wide Diversity and Inclusion plan. The first iteration of the plan was carried out from 2017-2022. The following is the 2023-2028 EHHD Plan aligned with the expectations and framework of the MSU Diversity and Inclusion Framework. An external, working document and assessment plan exists to monitor and manage specific contributions to the actions and goals of this plan.

EHHD Diversity Statement

The College of Education, Health and Human Development is committed to an environment that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion of all individuals in our college and the MSU community, and the communities we serve. EHHD has an imperative to prepare all individuals within the college to be successful in a diverse world, and to be aware of power differentials, oppression, and privilege within society. We believe that each student, staff, faculty member, and guest should feel welcomed and valued for their contributions to the educational process in all areas of teaching and learning, research, and service in the MSU community and beyond.

  • The management and oversight of the EHHD Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan will be part of the Senior Assistant Dean/Director of Student Success position. This individual also serves as the EHHD Academic Diversity Partner and guides the EHHD DEI Committee.
  • The committee meets monthly and annually works with the EHHD Leadership Team to discuss and assess how the plan is being realized, align the plan with the university-wide strategic plan and diversity and inclusion framework, and gather additional data and information to ensure the plan is moving forward.

Theme: Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations

Goal: Create a civil, supportive, and respectful environment where difference is a source of strength.

  • Model supportive behavior for students, faculty, and staff
  • Offer community supports for faculty, staff, and students and work to train on and engage with campus-wide structures of support (i.e. OIE, CARE Referrals, EAP)

 Theme: Education and Scholarship

Goal: Equip students, faculty, and staff with the knowledge, experience and competencies necessary to eradicate biases and discrimination and to be successful in a multicultural international, pluralistic society.

  • Continue to provide on-going training, professional development, and resources for EHHD faculty and staff around diversity, equity, and inclusion topics and integration, including purposeful integration in coursework
  • Encourage participation and offer incentives for campus-wide efforts and opportunities
  • Foster a culture of curiosity, reflection, integration, growth, and openness to discussion (related to professional development activities in DEI).

Theme: Access and Success

Goal: Recruit, promote the success of, and foster a sense of security and belonging for a diverse student body, faculty and staff.

  • Utilize Diverse Hiring Practices in every search- engage with resources from Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Consistently seek student input and reflection
  • Consider accessibility of programming efforts for attendees and presenters
  • Support campus-wide and EHHD-specific efforts to provide assistance for students (i.e., EHHD emergency scholarship process, food security support)
  • Provide defined support for sponsorships of underrepresented student organizations and programming
  • Continually assess recruitment and persistence efforts for EHHD students
  • Continually assess recruitment and retention efforts for EHHD faculty and staff
  • Work with the Office of Disability Services and Facilities Services for accessibility and accommodations

Theme: Leadership and Accountability

Goal: Provide strong, active, and visible leadership for diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Utilize Visual Ethnography Assessment (2022) to inform building updates and décor choices in EHHD spaces
  • Reflect on our leadership for our college and beyond
  • EHHD leaders will model strong, active, and visible leadership and accountability for themselves and others for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
  • Maintain EHHD DEI Committee to realize this framework and plan
  • Maintain strong leadership, collaborations, and effort within the Academic Diversity Partner campus group
  • Practice accountability and evaluate ongoing progress

 Theme: Communication

Goal: Increase the campus community’s and general public’s appreciation for the value of diversity and Montana State University through active communication to highlight underrepresented people.

  • Support faculty and staff efforts to engage with DEI principles, cultural humility, and global understanding
  • Practice timely and purposeful communication
  • Utilize communications
    • to celebrate student, staff, and faculty achievements and contributions to DEI efforts
    • to educate EHHD constituents and encourage engagement in programming and resources
    • to practice EHHD’s values of openness, honest dialogue, collaboration, and critical thinking
    • to share progress and reflect as faculty/staff on DEI goal progress

Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with Diversity and Inclusion work as an Educator in EHHD:

  1. Start Reading! A couple good starter books are listed below:
  2. Start Watching and Listening! A couple good starter films and podcasts are listed below:
  3. Add the EHHD Diversity Statement to your syllabus and your D2L course shell
  4. Attend a workshop or training (see “EDUCATE Yourself at MSU!” below)
  5. Set up a meeting with EHHD’s Academic Diversity Partner, Kayte Kaminski ([email protected]), to discuss this work.

EHHD Resources

This list was put together by members of the EHHD DEI Committee and represents resources that have been combined from a variety of DEI resources in the field. It is not inclusive of all resources nor have all resources been vetted individually. This list is meant to be a resource on resources, a place for faculty, staff, and students to learn more from a variety of sources to engage in new ways in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion work. For a complete and regularly updated list of helpful resources visit our resource page. 

EDUCATE Yourself at MSU!

There are a multitude of resources, trainings, and other ways to learn more about how diversity and inclusion play a role at MSU, and how to integrate this important work into your teaching, service, and work with students and other faculty and staff.