FOR COUNTY OFFICES: Steps for understanding, collecting and reporting impact data. 

Administering and Collecting Surveys

Communicate information with club leaders. Here are sample emails to organizational leaders from agent. The 4-H Center will also send communication with orginizational leaders stressing the importance of collecting these surveys.

Citizenship Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [PDF]

Leadership Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [PDF]

Communication Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [PDF]

Sample script for survey administrator 

Before the club meeting:

  • Print surveys for club organizational leaders, if requested.
  • The club leader may request information about which grades their members are in for the citizenship and leadership surveys.
  • Answer any questions the club organizational leader may have for you.

After the club meeting:

  • Collect the completed surveys from club organizational leaders.
  • Number surveys in lower left-corner.
  • Enter survey responses in corresponding spreadsheet under Data Entry It may be helpful to have someone assist you with this. One person could read the responses aloud, while the other enters them in the spreadsheet.
  • Review the Impact Data and Analyze Data sheets for impacts you can use in your reporting.

Survey Data Analysis Spreadsheets


Survey Results CITIZENSHIP 3-6 GRADE [Excel] | Survey Results CITIZENSHIP 7-12 GRADE [Excel]

Survey Results COMMUNICATION [Excel]

Survey Results LEADERSHIP 3-6 GRADE [Excel] | Survey Results LEADERSHIP 7-12 GRADE [Excel]

Submit the completed spreadsheets to the 4-H Center.


Analyzing Data and Impact Reporting

Half the challenge of quality impact reporting is collecting survey data. The other half is analyzing the data and identifying impact statements. Here are some tools to help with this process.

An impact statement is described as, "A reportable, quantifiable difference or potential difference a program makes in real people’s lives." Impact Statement Examples [Georgia 4-H Evaluation resources]

Types of Impact

  • Behavior change
  • Attitude change
  • Improvement in situation
  • Economic value or efficiency
  • Environmental quality
  • Social well-being
  • Health & well-being

Adpated from: Improving Impact Statements Using Survey Data, 2016, Georgia 4-H Evaluation Resources