Employer job posting login: HireABobcat.com

Who can be a Work Study employer?

Most on campus employers and many non-profit organizations can be Work Study employers.  Please contact the Work Study desk in the Office of Financial Aid Services at 994-3432 to inquire about becoming a Work Study employer.

How do I find a Work Study student to fill my position?

You can use HireABobcat.com to post a Work Study job, although it is not required.  Please contact Career Services at 994-4353 to set up a login or for help logging in.  Once logged in, be sure to select Work Study in the Applicant and Position Type fields in order for Work Study eligible students to view your job. Work Study job postings must be open to all qualified Work Study eligible students, regardless of class standing, major, or expected graduation date.

All Work Study eligible students will have a  Work Study Certificate of Eligibility.  Please contact Work Study to verify that a student is eligible.

What is the process for hiring Work Study students?

Once you find a qualified Work Study eligible student that you want to hire, complete an EPAF for work study student employees for on campus employers.  For off campus employers complete and return to the financial aid office the work study certificate of eligibility emailed to the student.  Instructions for completing an EPAF are here.  Please contact Work Study to verify that the student is still eligible.  A student’s Work Study eligibility may change at any time and for various reasons. 

You will also need to provide the student with a current W-4 (which can be completed in myinfo), I-9, and New Hire Form  which can be found under the "New Employees" section and return these to MSU.  Incomplete or incorrectly completed Work Study Certificates of Eligibility will not be processed and will be returned to you, so contact Work Study if you have any questions.

Students will be paid by MSU every other Wednesday  and students will enter their time in My Info every other Friday, just like all MSU employees.

When can a Work Study student start working?

Students may begin employment in the payment period in which the first day of class in the semester they have been hired starts. Student’s hiring is not complete until HR receives all documents. Please, contact Work Study if you have any questions. 

What portion of the Work Study student's wages will I be charged?

As a qualified Work Study employer, you will pay 25% of the student’s wages plus Workers' Compensation. If you are an off-campus employer, you will also be charged an administrative fee equal to 10% of the student’s total earnings. Off-campus employers will be billed on a monthly basis.  Bills will be assessed on the 15th of each month.

How much can I pay a Work Study student?

Students must be paid no less than minimum wage and no more than $14.00 per hour. Exact hourly rates between those two ranges are decided by the employer and should be commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of the job.

How much can a Work Study student work?

A Work Study student can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester with the exception of spring break week and finals weeks when they may work up to 40 hours per week.  Under no circumstances may a Work Study student work overtime.

Who is responsible for keeping track of a Work Study student’s hours?

The employer and student must keep track of the hours worked. If a student exceeds their Work Study award, the employer will be billed back 100% of the wages in excess of the student’s award. The Office of Financial Aid Services sends out monthly earnings reports to assist employers in keeping track of remaining eligibility.

Can I terminate my Work Study student?

If you, as the employer, deem that your Work Study student is unprofessional or otherwise unfit for your work environment; you have the right to terminate the employment of the student. Please contact our office if this occurs, so that we can make a note of any performance issues and keep track of the student's employment.

Can a student continue to work after their Work Study award has been exhausted?

You may continue to employ your student as Student Labor after they have exhausted their award. To change to a Student Labor status, contact Human Resources at 994-3651.  Off campus employers should pay students on their own payroll once the Work Study award has been exhausted.