2018-19 LEAPers Group Photo

2018-2019 LEAP participants.

Training participants typically live in Montana State University dormitories. Homestays (see below) and hotel room accommodations are also available. Dormitory rooms are clean, comfortable, and centrally located on campus within easy walking distance of classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, computer labs, and recreation facilities. Washing machines and dryers are located in the dormitories. Small kitchens with pots and pans are also available for those who want to do their own cooking. Each dormitory has a TV/VCR room with comfortable chairs and sofas. All program accommodations are near movie theaters, museums, hiking trails, shopping, restaurants, cafes, and Bozeman's historic downtown.

English Language Instruction

English Language classes are taught by English as Second Language professionals. Classes are small and interactive to ensure that everyone gets the practice and personal attention they need to maximize learning. Classroom and other learning activities typically focus on conversational English. Learning activities are designed to provide students with opportunities to mix with native English speakers on campus and in the community. They may include meetings with MSU student groups, professional and special interest groups, making presentations to youth and adult groups, and participating in information gathering assignments such as interviews and scavenger hunts. Classes and other learning activities can also be tailored to meet more specialized learning goals. All language classes are carefully tailored to meet participants’ skill levels. English-language instruction for programs is typically provided by Associates in Cultural Exchange, MSU’s contract ESL provider, although other instruction arrangements are also possible.


Most training programs make use of MSU's dining facilities. All campus dining establishments provide a wide variety of foods, including traditional American, Mexican, Asian, and Italian dishes. All menu choices are clearly marked for individuals with specific dietary restrictions, such as Halal, Kosher, and vegetarian.


Homestays are a wonderful way to experience American life up close and make friends that last a lifetime. During homestays, participants live in an American home as a member of the family. During homestays, training program participants immerse themselves in American language and culture. We have an active network of host families, all of whom are interested in sharing their homes with international visitors and learning about their home countries. Placements can be made individually or in pairs or larger groups. All homestays provide:

  • a safe, clean and comfortable home
  • private bedroom
  • shared or separate bathroom
  • access to laundry facilities, TV, and telephone
  • shared kitchen; and
  • breakfast

Program Staff and Instructors

In building cutting-edge programs, we draw upon the academic expertise of MSU faculty, as well as local business, education, industry, government, NGO leaders, and outside experts. All instructors are effective, kind, and patient. Most have many years' experience teaching non-native speakers of English, so are skilled at making their instruction relaxed and fun.  All program staff is also experienced professionals. Each is carefully trained to be an effective cross-cultural communicator and is especially sensitive to health and safety needs.


All local transportation is included in the cost of training programs.  Training program drivers are experienced, safe, and have excellent driving records.