We will work with you to establish and design custom programs built on the foundation of your needs by...
     › Determining the goals and objectives of your program. 
      Constructing training designed to provide "Real World" experience. 

   STEP 2

    We coordinate your desired programs on our golden campus and surrounding community by...
      Delivering a high quality training experience. 
     › Engaging participants through multi-tiered methods of education and hands on learning. 

   STEP 3

    We help you reflect on the program and evaluate the process by...
    › Analyzing the program to determine our most effective instruction methods. 
    Recommending program changes from weekly check-ins, pre and post surveys and end of program surveys.
    Providing an end of program report to share valuable data and learning outcomes from the program, both qualitative and quantitative. 

  • You've created your program so now, why Bozeman?
    Bozeman, Montana is the #1 fastest growing micropolitan area in the U.S. (Numeric Increase) 2016-2017
    World-renowed Yellowstone National Park is a 1.5 hour drive from Bozeman
    The New York Post voted Bozeman, "The Best Place to Live in the U.S." (2016)
    Bozeman's economics/logistical growth is managed to meet the sustainability of global growth standards. 
    Montana has rightfully earned the nicknames, "Treasure State", "Big Sky Country", and "Last Best Place".
    1,944 (out of 41,761) of Bozeman, Montana's citizens are speakers of a non-English language, which is lower than the national average of 21.1%, creating an opportunity for cultural immersion in an english speaking enviorment.