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Email & Calendaring

Contact the Service Desk at 994-1777 and ask to be made a delegate of the mailbox (you will need the mailbox owner's permission).  Once granted the next time you open Outlook (desktop version) the mailbox will be listed.  

See the Office 365 (Exchange) Email Setup Instructions for your device:

You will need to configure your client using the common email settings listed below. 

NOTE: We recommend using Outlook for the best email experience, other solutions are not supported.

Email Address: [email protected] (your email address)
Username: [email protected] ([email protected])
Password: NetID password

Outgoing server (SMTP) setting:
Server name:
Port: 587 
Security: TLS
Authentication: Normal Password

IMAP setting:
Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL

POP setting:
Server name:
Port: 995
Encryption method: SSL

Yes. Office 365 is available to users anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

Your department may give you specific guidance or requirements. In addition, all faculty, staff, and students have the option to use

Messages in your Deleted Items folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days. 

To add a shared calendar:

  1. Open the Calendar (in Outlook or OWA). 
  2. In the left-side navigation right-click on Shared Calendars and select Add Calendar from Address Book.
    Screenshot of left navigation and the shared calendar header.
    The Address Book opens.

  3. Enter the name of the person who has shared their calendar with you and click the Go button (see image below).
  4. Highlight the correct name in the list that is displayed, click the Calendar button on the lower left and then click the OK button.
    Address Book window.
    The calendar will now be visible under Shared Calendars in the left navigation panel. 


To remove a shared calendar, right-click on the calendars name under Shared Calendars and select Delete Calendar.


Direct Link Method

Go to the web link: Mail - Change Photo

Via Outlook

  1. Logon to Outlook.
  2. Go to file, which should open to Account Information.
  3. On the silhouette, select the 'change' link. This will take you to the web access.

    Image of the Outlook Account Info page with icon silhouette.

  4. Then click the circle icon at the top right corner.

    The top right corner of the Outlook Online browser page where a circle icon exists. It originally has the person's initials instead of a photo.

  5. Click this profile circle once more.The pop-up of the profile's info page.
  6. This will open the pop-up to change your profile picture.Profile photo change pop-up. There is a large circle icon with the profile's initials. This is where you can either drag and drop or upload a file to change the photo.
  7. You can select a photo by browsing or dragging a photo to this location. Then save. It may take a few minutes for your photo to change in the profile as it must fully sync.

The same pop-up as before but this time the circle icon has an image of a puppy instead of the profile's initials.

Scheduling Poll is a native feature for Office 365 Outlook on the web and for Outlook 20121 that allows you to create meeting polls allowing attendees to choose (vote for) the times that work best for them.  

 Learn more about Scheduling Poll.

Outlook - Windows 

To change junk email settings: 

  1. Click the Home tab.
  2. Select down arrow on Junk icon and select Junk E-mail Options.
  3. Click appropriate tab to make changes.


Options - change the level of aggressiveness for how Outlook filters junk mail

Safe Senders - add addresses to list of senders that should not be treated as junk.

Blocked Senders - add addresses to list that should ALWAYS be treated as junk.

To block senders:

Block a sender or send a message to junk folder directly from your inbox by right-clicking a message and selecting Block sender OR Junk > Send to Junk Folder.

These instructions may also be viewed in the Microsoft Office Support pages Block or allow junk email settings article. 

Remove any credentials that Outlook has cached by following the steps below.

Windows 8 users

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. Enter Windows Credentials Manager in search field.
  4. Select Settings on left.
  5. Select Windows Credentials Manager.
  6. Proceed to step 6 below under Windows 7 users.

Windows 7 users

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Open the Start menu.
  3. Enter Credentials Manager in the search field.
  4. Click Credentials Manager.
  5. Go to the Generic Credentials section (bottom).
  6. Find credentials that begin with MS.Outlook. For each one do the following:
    1. Click the details button drop down (circle with a downward arrow next to the Modified date).
    2. Click Remove from vault.
  7. Close the Credentials Manager.
  8. Open Outlook. You should be prompted to enter credentials for each account (mailbox) in Outlook.
  9. Enter your credentials when prompted:
    User name: [email protected]
    Password: NetID password


No, you can turn it off following these instructions:

Turn off Focused Inbox

Yes. Microsoft announced in its December 2017 Newsletter that Clutter will remain available to Office 365 customers until January 31, 2020.  That said, Clutter is now turned off by default for new customers. 

Outlook for Mac

Outlook lets you mark email as junk or block a sender from

Please note: Junk Email Preferences are grayed out in Outlook for Mac 2016 because all junk mail filtering takes place on the server-side.  

Mark email as junk:

  • Right-click the unwanted email, and select Junk Mail > Mark as Junk.
  • Or, select the unwanted email, and then select Home > Junk > Junk.

Both options will move the email to your Junk Email folder

Move emails that are not junk to the Inbox

  1. Select the Junk E-mail folder, select an email, and then select Home > Junk > Not Junk.
  2. Or, to move email from Junk folder to inbox- select the Junk E-mail folder, right-click the email, and select Junk Mail > Mark as Not Junk.

The email message is moved to the Inbox.

Block a sender

  1. Select the unwanted email.
  2. Go to Home tab.
  3. Click Junk dropdown arrow >  Block Sender.
    right-click message and click Junk Mail > Block Sender.

Microsoft is doing a "rolling" rollout of the Focused Inbox to its users. We are unable to give a precise date except that it likely will be available to all sometime this summer or early Fall (2017).

No, you can turn it off following these instructions:

Turn off Focused Inbox

or Go to theOrganize tab, click theFocused Inbox icon.  This will deselect it and the Focused andOther tabs will disappear from the top of your mailbox.

Find answers to these questions by visiting Focused Inbox for Outlook  and scrolling down to the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Microsoft announced in its December 2017 Newsletter that Clutter will remain available to Office 365 customers until January 31, 2020.  That said, Clutter is turned off by default for new customers. 



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Outlook Web App (OWA)

Log into Office 365 OWA by going to and clicking the Log In button.

Log in credentials:
User name: [email protected] ([email protected])
Password: NetID password

1. Log into OWA.

2. Click on the cog in the upper right corner of screen and select Options.


3. Under 'Mail,' click 'Block or Allow.'

OWA Mail Options

The screen below will open.

4. Make sure the button is selected for 'Automatically filter junk mail.' 

If 'Don't move email to my Junk Email folder' is selected and you want to filter your email, select 'Automatically filter junk mail.' 

You can also Whitelist users by adding them to the Safe Senders and Recipients list and Blacklist users by adding them to the Blocked senders list.

Mail Options - block or allow screen

For comprehensive instructions, check out this article at:

OWA will timeout after 8 hours of inactivity.

Visit Block or allow (junk email settings) to learn how to use these settings to manage junk email and about creating safe senders and blocked senders lists.

Office 365 ProPlus Software

Check out Microsoft's Office accessibility video training series, to learn how to create accessible content in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

See also accessible Office templates for download.

Please contact the IT Service Desk at 994-1777 or [email protected].

Please contact the IT Service Desk at 994-1777 or [email protected].

Go to Install Skype for Business on a mobile device for instructions for installing on your Android, iOS or Windows device.

IMPORTANT:Enter your [email protected] ([email protected]) for the sign-in address, not your email address.

It is possible, but not recommended, as you could accidentally sync this sensitive data to the cloud and/or desktop. You should never use OneDrive for Business to sync any data that is restricted or contains student information as this will create a copy of the data on your local hard drive. If ever in doubt contact the IT Service Desk at 994-1777 or [email protected].



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