Revised 3/6/24.

How to make a new Scilympiad account

Scilympiad is the software we use for scoring at the Science Olympiad state tournament

  1. Visit Scilympiad's Montana site at
  2. Click LOG IN in the upper right.
  3. Click NEW MEMBER, then enter an email and password.
  4. If you already have an account for that email, Scilympiad will let you know. You can reset your password if you forgot it.
  5. Once you have created your new account, you will enter your name and phone, then select your role as either Head Coach or Co-Head Coach.
  6. Next, click REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL and then look for your school on the screen that pops up. You can also use the search feature. 
  7. Make any necessary updates. Please ensure that your team name does NOT use abbreviations. So please do not abbreviate Bozeman High School to BHS. 
  8. After that, WE need to attach your school to you, so please be patient as we do that; once we have attached your school and your team(s) to your account, you can enter your students’ names and the events they will do.


Next steps: adding your students and their events

You can also download this as a PDF (alternate download, same content as below)


  1. Begin Scilympiad with
  2. If you already have a Scilympiad account, skip to step 4, if not create an account as a coach.
  3. After creating an account, you must register your school team (s) at and click "update your school/team"
  4. Once you have a coach account and a team created, click on the Head Coach Dashboard at the top (blue bar)

scilympiad screen


  1. In the Head Coach Dashboard, under “Registration” you can also register teams or add additional coaches if necessary. Please ensure that your team name does NOT use abbreviations. So please do not abbreviate Bozeman High School to BHS. 
  2. Under “Compliance,” please click on Students/Team/Event Assignment, which will enable you to add students to your teams and then assign students to events. This step is critical in helping us plan logistics, however we know that the names of students in events may change before the event date and this is fine. Adding students to events that you intend to participate in will allow us to see how many students to expect in each event.

Scilympiad screenshot  

  1. Next, WE at the Science Olympiad office will attach your team number to your team. This may take up to 24 hours.
  2. Once your team number has been attached, you can assign students to your team. In the Student/Team/Event Assignment tab, first click on Add A Student to add your students one-by-one to your school.
  3. Then after adding all students, return to Student/Team/Event Assignment tab, and assign Students to Teams (see button below).
  4. Finally, add Students to Events (see button below)

scilympiad screenshot


Next steps: *New this year* student release forms

We really hope you can do the release forms in Scilympiad, but if you can't,
you can download a photo release and code of ethics form here.

  1. Please note that you should not do this step until all other steps have been completed, we anticipate that the releases will not be collected until late March. 
  2. Begin by logging in as a coach at Scilympiad with
  3. Go to the Head Coach dashboard
  4. Under “Compliance,” please click on Release forms.
  5. This image shows where to click to find the release forms on the MTSO website
  6. Under “Releases”, copy the link in red and email this link in its entirety to participants, parents, volunteers, proctors and guests from your school attending this tournament. The students will need to use the exact name you entered in the roster when they fill the and submit the releases forms so that you can confirm they have submitted.  Image shows where to find the MTSO release form link