The following reports identify the JJCBE’s program learning goals, assessment plan, and assessment reports.  The college assesses the learning process in the College by: identifying, developing and revising assessment methodologies; administering the assessment tools; analyzing the results; and making recommendations for changes to the curriculum.

Assessment Plans

JJCBE Assessment Plan 2015-2017 (undergraduate)

Program Learning Outcomes

JJCBE Program Learning Goals (undergraduate)

Assessment Reports

2011-2012 Assessment Report (undergraduate, MPAc)
2012-2013 Assessment Report (undergraduate, MPAc)
2013-2014 Assessment Report (undergraduate, MPAc)
2014-2015 Assessment Report (undergraduate)
2015-2016 Assessment Report (undergraduate)
2015-2016 Assessment Report (MPAc)
2016-2017 Assessment Report (undergraduate)