2011 Family Business DayHeadwater Seat Covers receives awardFamily Business Program Director Craig Ehlert

Past Programs:


Keynote Speaker: Dan Rust, State Farm Insurance
Topic: "Being a Good Neighbor is all about Family"

Keynote Speaker: Ike Kaufman, Kaufmans Menswear Centre
Topic: "Riverboats & Relationships"

Keynote Speaker: Robert "Bob" Nystuen, Glacier Bank
Topic: "Your Family Business - Is it in your DNA?"

Keynote Speaker: Teresa McKnight, Executive Director of the MSU Innovation Campus
Topic: "You Can, I Can, We Can--We're all in this Together"


Keynote Speaker: Larry Merkel, Round House Sport Center
Topic: "Learning From Experience: Successful Business Strategies"

Family Business Day On the Road:
Keynote Speaker: Mike Gold, CEO of Flying Horse Communications
Topic: "Social Media for the Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Gerald Carisch, Carisch, Inc.
Topic: "The Successes and Failures of a Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Kathy Stark, Starky's Authentic Americana
Topic: "Back from the Blast: Comeback Strategies for Success"

Keynote Speaker: Dean Folkvord, CEO of Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery
Topic: "The Wheat Montana Story"

Family Business Day On the Road:
Keynote Speaker: Craig Ehlert, Adjunct Instructor of Management
Topic: "Building Excellence Into Your Business"

Keynote Speaker: Phil Rogers, Adjunct Instructor of Marketing (former)
Topic: "Thrive in Tough Times: How Your Focus is Your Future"

Family Business Day On the Road:
Keynote Speaker: Gary Bishop, Adjunct Instructor of Management
Topic: "The Business of Customer Service"

Keynote Speaker: Gary Bishop, Adjunct Instructor of Management
Topic: "Customer Service and Your Family Business"

Family Business Day On the Road:
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Kroff, Professor of Marketing
Topic: "Finding and Reaching Your Target Market"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Omar Shehryar, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Topic: "Market Research for Your Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Richard Semenik, Dean of the College of Business (former),Montana State University, Bozeman
Topic: "Using Branding Strategies in Your Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Deidre Combs, National Speaker and Author
Topic: "Transforming Conflict into Creativity in the Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Doug Osborne, CLU, ChFC, CPA, PFS. MassMutual Financial Group
Topic: "Avoiding the BIG Mistakes Family Businesses Make"

Keynote Speaker:  Richard Semenik, Dean, College of Business (former), Montana State University, Bozeman
Topic: "Branding Your Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Dan Moshavi, Assistant Professor of Management (former), College of Business, Montana State University, Bozeman
Topic: "Managing for Peak Performance:  A Human Resources Perspective"

Keynote Speaker: Bill Brown, Professor of Management, College of Business, Montana State University, Bozeman
Topic: "Navigating the Whitewater of Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Former Lt. Governor and Governor of Montana, Judy Martz, small business owner and entrepreneur

Keynote Speakers: Bonnie Brown, President of Transition Dynamics, Inc.; Mark DeGroot, Certified Business Appraiser with Certified Business Intermediary; and Elizabeth Harris, co-owner of financial services firm of Harris and Weiel Associates
Topic: "Celebrating the Past and Preparing for the Future"

Keynote Speakers: Stan Mandel, Director of Family Business Initiative, University of South Dakota; C. Bruce Combs, J.D., C.P.A., principal with law firm of Kasting, Combs & Kauffman, PLLC; and Christopher Manos, author, experienced mediator and partner in legal practice of Biglen and Manos
Topic: "Creating Effective and Healthy Family Businesses"

Keynote Speakers: Edwin Hoover, Ph.D. and Colette Hoover, M.S.
Topic: "The Principles and Practices of Family Business Leadership"

Keynote Speaker: Mike Cohn
Topic: "Transitions and Turning Points in the Family Business"

Keynote Speaker: Patricia Frischkoff of Oregon State University
Topic: "Senior and Junior Family Business Members"

The program is coordinated by Craig Ehlert, M.A., teaching professor of management. For more information, please contact Phyllis Johnson, program assistant, at:

Phone:  (406) 994-6195
Fax:      (406) 994-6206
E-mail:  familybusiness@montana.edu