In a recent letter to the Dean of the College of Business, Richard Semenik, student Eric Gomke of Billings, Montana had this to say about his recent award received at the College of Business sponsored banquet April 24. "Everyone knows that the cost of higher education is increasing and meeting the costs is difficult for many students. The COB has been proactive by making a tremendous effort to collect funds from alumni, businesses, and professional organizations to aid its students."

He further states: "As a student enrolled in the COB, I am honored to have an administration that cares so deeply about its students. I am very grateful to the donors that have shown support by contributing to the COB scholarship fund, but I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of the combined efforts of yourself and the entire COB faculty and staff."

Over the past years, more students are receiving the benefit of receiving financial support for their college education at the College of Business. Kathleen Langenheim, Director of Development, states: "Endowed scholarships change the lives of college students. They are lasting gifts that increase in value over the years, providing more and larger scholarships each year. Also, they are a wonderful way to memorialize someone the donor cares about."

At the banquet, more than 130 students received scholarships that were generated from endowments set up to specifically grant financial aid to student enrolled in the College of Business. Along with other scholarships that were given out over that past several months, the College of Business was able to award more than $200,000 of academic financial aid.

The College of Business offers 4 option areas of study as well as 5 minors; three of these are being added in fall of 2002. The MSU Bozeman College of Business is one of only 300 colleges in the nation to be accredited by American Assembly of Collegiate School of Business.