Shannon Taylor, assistant professor of management at MSU-Bozeman College of Business recently participated in a seminar given to representatives from Mongolia visiting Bozeman. The delegates were some of the Mongolia s best and brightest young economic leaders. They were touring the United States to learn about how private entrepreneurship works, how it generates wealth and leads to overall prosperity, They were shown ways on how America s federal, state and local governments balance the need to help business succeed while ensuring public health, safety and protection.

The Strategic Use of American Hunters Dollars to Conserve Wildlife was the presentation topic given by Taylor. He reviewed issues and surveys of Montana hunters and anglers and their contributions to the Montana economy and preservation of wildlife. He demonstrated that since the late 1800s, hunters have willingly paid special fees for wildlife conservation efforts. Taylor also presented facts and figures on other factors effecting the wildlife management including the Conservation Reserve Program, outfitting industry, coal methane gas development, game farms and wolves.