Nancy Dodd, associate professor of management at the Montana State University College of Business was recently honored as the Distinguished Member for MSU by the officers of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Distinguished members are chosen on the basis of the following criteria: faculty or staff who have a direct impact on the success of first and/or second year students; involved in a program that has an impact on making a difference in the community; have a proven record of leadership, which impacts students; and involved in making the university and/or community a better place for all citizens.

A strong factor of why Dodd was chosen was her leadership skills and strong interest in students taking the Business 101 course. Her concern and enthusiasm shown towards these students have great impact on the students future studies and achievements at Montana State University College of Business. Business 101 was developed to assimilate students into MSU and the College of Business and to familiarize them with the language and culture of business.

Receiving this honor means a lot to me, Dodd states. We have worked hard to make Business 101 a course that allows students to have a variety of experiences that will help them as college students and adults. It is wonderful to work with them and see how much they develop over the course of the semester. It is even more fun to see them a few years later as they are about to graduate and know we had a part in their growth.

Dodd received her Distinguished Membership status at a NSCS induction ceremony late September. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is an honors organization recognizing outstanding academic achievement among first and second year college students and encouraging members to develop leadership skills through community service.

The Society was founded in 1994 at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. NSCS has active chapters on over 145 college and university campuses across the United States. Chapters, such as the one on the campus of Montana State University-Bozeman are involved in service to their campus and local communities as well as scholastic and social activities. More information can be found about NSCS by logging on to