The following faculty members have recently been honored with appointments and awards; have been guest speakers, or have had their research or articles published.

Clark Maxam, professor of finance, received the Best Paper Award by the Literati Awards for Excellence 2002. Maxam's paper, "Pricing commercial mortgage-backed securities," was published in Journal of Property Investment & Finance. The editor and editorial team cited Maxam's article as the Outstanding Paper for 2001.

Maxam has also published: "Improving Parametric Mortgage Prepayment Models with Non-parametric Kernel Regression," Journal of Real Estate Research, Nov-Dec 2002; "Why do real estate appraisals nearly always equal offer price? A theoretical justification," Journal of Property Investment and Finance, and the lead article in the Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies, "Mortgagor motivations in prepayments for adjustable rate mortgages," July 2002.

An article by Bonita Peterson, associate professor of accounting, was published in The Journal of Accounting Education, Autumn 2002. Her article, co-authored with B.P. Reider of The University of Montana, was entitled "Perceptions of Computer-Based Testing: A Focus on the CFM Examination" and was also presented at the American Accounting Association annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in August. In addition, Peterson's article "Student Health Services: A Case of Employee Fraud," co-authored with Thomas H. Gibson of Montana State University, was presented during the Montana State Government Fraud Conference in Helena. She also presented her research entitled, "An Example of a Comprehensive Course in Fraud Examination," co-authored with Thomas A. Buckhoff of North Dakota State University, at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Fraud Educators annual conference in Hollywood this August.

Gilbert Crain, associate professor of accounting, participated in a governmental accounting conference held in Delhi, India. The conference was organized by Indo-USAID Financial Institutions Reform and Expansion (FIRE) Project in-collaboration with the India National Institute of Urban Affairs.

The officers of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars honored Nancy Dodd, associate professor of management, as the Distinguished Member for MSU. Dodd was also named University Ombudsman of Montana State University-Bozeman by president Geoffrey Gamble and provost David Dooley. As an Ombudsman, a Swedish word meaning representative, Dodd will serve as a neutral university-wide faculty and professional staff mediator. Her role will be to investigate complaints and concerns and help parties reach resolution.

Contents from a research article done by two College of Business faculty members was the topic of discussion in a story in the September 2002 Academic Leader Newsletter for Academic Deans and Department Chairs. The article, "Inspiration, More Than Rewards, Improves Faculty Effectiveness," cites information and research compiled by F. William Brown and Dan Moshavi, from the management faculty at the college.

Jake Rose, professor of accounting, was appointed to the Center for Continuous Auditing (CCA) Board of Research Fellows. The Center is headed by David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States, and is housed in the Lowry Mays College and Graduate School of Business at Texas A & M.

Shannon Taylor, assistant professor of management participated in a seminar given to representatives from Mongolia visiting Bozeman. The delegates were some of the Mongolia's best and brightest young economic leaders. They were touring the United States to learn about how private entrepreneurship works, how it generates wealth and leads to overall prosperity.

Tourists buy more at shopping malls than local shoppers, and are happier about it, according to two marketing professors who conducted a study on mall shopping patterns. In "Is it the Mood or the Mall that Encourages Tourists to Shop?," the lead story in the Journal of Shopping Center Research, Tim Christiansen and Dave Snepenger found that even consumers who ordinarily don't enjoy shopping may find pleasure in it while traveling.

MSU-Bozeman and the College of Business prides itself on the quality education given to the students and the tremendous talent of the faculty members. This past spring, the College conducted a search for new faculty members to fill open positions and additional teaching needs for the college. The final field of candidates were of a caliber that the college only dared to dream about and five very talented individuals were hired.

Here are our new faculty members: Scott Bryant, assistant professor of management; Anne L. Christensen, professor of accounting; Steve Crowley, assistant professor of accounting; Ania Rose, assistant professor of accounting and Jake Rose, assistant professor of accounting.

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