Jake Rose, assistant professor of accounting at Montana State University Bozeman College of Business was recently awarded the Notable Contribution to the Literature Award from the Information Systems section of the American Accounting Association. The prestigious award is one of the highest honors for research that is given by the AAA. The award was given for a paper Rose co-authored with Chris Wolfe entitled "The Effects of System Design Alternatives on the Acquisition of Tax Knowledge from a Computerized Tax Decision Aid." The article appeared in the April 2000 edition of Accounting, Organizations, and Society.

The award is given annually to one paper that makes the greatest contribution to knowledge in the areas of accounting information systems or management advisory services. Winning papers must demonstrate sound methodology, originality and innovation. The paper must also show a high potential to influence future research.

"I am extremely honored that my accounting peers have found my research to be valuable and influential, Rose said. I hope that I can continue to make significant contributions to future information systems research and the accounting profession."