During the MSU-Bozeman College of Business 2006 spring graduation ceremony, held May 6, in the MSU SUB Ballrooms, eight faculty members were recognized for their outstanding performances over the past year. Many of the awards originate from endowment programs that provide faculty members with resources for scholarly and pedagogical development.

Richard J. Semenik, Dean of the College of Business, presented the honors. The Haynes, Heck, and Nopper awards are bestowed at the discretion of the Dean. Students choose their most influential faculty member for the Bracken Student's Choice Award and faculty members nominate their colleagues for the Dean's Research, Teaching, and Service Awards.

F. William Brown, Professor of Management, received the Harold and Reta Haynes Faculty Fellow Award. This award is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated sustained excellence in all phases of faculty performance related to teaching, research and service. Associate Professor of Accounting, Bonita Peterson, received the Scott and Barbara Heck Faculty Scholar Award. This award supports the recipient's outstanding teaching performance and fosters the sharing of educational experiences with students. Laura Black, Assistant Professor of Management, was the recipient of the Thomas Nopper Excellence in Teaching Award. This award is given annually to a faculty member who has made significant contributions to the teaching mission of the College of Business.

Semenik also awarded Adjunct Instructor of Marketing, Mike Gold, with the Dean's Special Recognition, an award he gives only occasionally to recognize outstanding performance, inside and out of the classroom.

The College of Business students selected Craig Ehlert, Adjunct Instructor of Management, as the recipient of the Gary K. Bracken Student's Choice for Excellence in Teaching. For this honor, Ehlert was the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony.

In addition, the following faculty members were selected by their COB colleagues for special performance recognition awards:

Dean's Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching: Susan Dana, Associate Professor of Management

Dean's Award for Outstanding Performance in Research: Priscilla Wisner, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dean's Award for Outstanding Performance in Service: Harry Benham, Associate Professor of Management