New Beta Gamma Sigma Members Inducted in April


Twenty-seven Montana State University COB student names were added to the prestigious list of Beta Gama Sigma (BGS) inductees at the annual initiation luncheon. BGS, an international honor society started in 1913, provides the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in an undergraduate or master's program at a school accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

During the initiation luncheon held on April 8, students were welcomed by BGS President, Matthew Pugh and encouraged by VP of Membership, Lindsey Pierce and VP of Programs, Joseph Ottoy to live by the standards of Beta, meaning honor, Gama, meaning wisdom and Sigma, meaning earnestness.

COB professor of management, Dr. Mike Reilly, was honored with the Beta Gama Sigma Professor of the Year Award. Reilly has been a professor of marketing for the College of Business for more than 20 years. He was also one of two visiting professors who taught strategic management at the International Business School at Vilnius University in Lithuania. Reilly received both his Ph.D. and M.B.A from Pennsylvania State University and taught at Pennsylvania State University, his alma mater, and the University of Arizona, before joining the College of Business in 1984.

Following the Professor of the Year Award, David K. Palagi ('76), Branch Manager for Smith Barney was recognized as the Chapter Honoree. He imparted knowledge by talking about the book, Cowboy Ethics by James P. Owen. He stressed that "The Code of the West" is very applicable to life and business. The code consisted of ten items: Live each day with courage; take pride in your work; always finish what you start; do what has to be done; be tough, but fair; when you make a promise, keep it; ride for the brand; talk less and say more; remember that some things aren t for sale; and know where to draw the line. After his speech, Palagi gave a copy of the book to the College of Business.

2008 BGS Inductees Include:
MASTERS: Heather Budd*, Victoria Hayden, Elizabeth Vanderby
SENIORS: Dane Anderson, Jacquelyn Bodfish*, Rayla Brandewie, Anne Delaney, Mara Hoefer, Shardae Johnson, Brooke Metcalf, Fraiser Opel, Brandon Perkins
JUNIORS: Susan Bolstad, Jaci Cebuhar*, Jolyn Deshler, Whitney Griffin, Leah Kraft, Morgan Legerski, Meghan Lunney*, Brittany Maroney*, Austin Owens, Kile Patrick, Jeffrey Pipkin Morgan Rangel, Joshua Ressig, Stephanie Sanders, Sarah Smith.
* in absentia