Montana State University Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship students scored in the 94th percentile of more than 600 business colleges nationally on a major field test for business students.

All seniors enrolled in the college’s senior business seminar took the test administered by Educational Testing Services. The test is designed to measure business knowledge and students’ ability to apply significant concepts, theories and analytical methods to practical business problems.

According to Kregg Aytes, dean of the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship, or JJCBE, MSU students have taken the test since 2005 and their average scores are consistently around the 90th percentile.

“We know our students can compete against students anywhere, and this serves as another indicator of the quality of our program,” Aytes said.

Students who take the test electronically can get immediate results and compare their performance with nearly 250,000 other business students from more than 600 institutions.

"We have excellent students. They are hard working, conscientious and respond well to the course of instruction," said Bill Brown, professor of business management. Based on the scores Brown said, "We are reassured that we are getting something right about our curriculum and approach to teaching."

MSU’s JJCBE offers four undergraduate study options:  accounting, finance, management and marketing; and five minors including accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship and small business management, finance, and international business. The college also offers a master of professional accountancy degree.

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