The 20th annual Awards for Excellence Banquet was held Feb. 19 at the MSU Strand Union Building. The banquet is co-sponsored by the MSU Alumni Association and the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce MSU Relations Committee.

Each year the alumni association calls for nominations of outstanding students from the college. The number of students each college can nominate is based on enrollment and is determined by the alumni office. This year we were allowed to nominate five candidates. The students were chosen based on the following criteria; senior standing, 3.50 cumulative GPA (min), and records of outstanding service to MSU & community.

We select our students by faculty ballot. Student nominations are then forwarded to the Director of the Alumni Association who makes the final decision and contacts the selected students. The student in return chooses a faculty member he/she feels most influenced their college career. These awards are highly prestigious and a great honor to receive.

The Awards for Excellence were established to bring together the Bozeman business community and Montana State University in a congenial atmosphere fondly referred to as "bridging the gap between town and gown." This year's award winners were: Lisa Berkram, Business Management who nominated Dr. Bill Brown; Lee Bouma, Business Management who nominated Dan Moshavi; Eric Gomke, Accounting who nominated Bonita Peterson; Erin Pasha, Business Management who nominated Dr. Bill Brown; and Eric Vermulm, Business Finance who nominated Clark Maxam.

Congratulations to the COB winners!