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Health Enhancement K-12 (Health & Physical Education) Major

The Health Enhancement Teacher Preparation program is designed for students who want to become teachers of Health Enhancement (Health and Physical Education) in public schools. Upon completion of the degree, students are eligible for certification in teaching K-12 Health Enhancement, Physical Education, and/or Health Education in Montana and other states.

Health Enhancement is a comprehensive approach to combining the traditional areas of Health Education and Physical Education. It is a contemporary curriculum where healthy lifestyles and concepts are achieved through skillful movement with an emphasis on physical fitness, healthy lifestyle management skills, and understanding of the total self (physical, intellectual, emotional, and social). In addition to the traditional approach to teaching fundamental movement, skills, games, and dance, this curriculum emphasizes the overall health of the individual as a value in life and enhances critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills of future teachers and their students. Courses within this curriculum represent a combination of content knowledge (health enhancement, health education, and physical education) along with a strong background in pedagogical content knowledge (teaching methods and curriculum). Students majoring in Health Enhancement develop a professional development portfolio based on national beginning teacher standards. The final semester consists of student teaching in two public school placements.

Criteria for Selection and Retention:

Admission to the Teacher Education Program. Any student who wishes to enter the Teacher Education Program must complete an "Application for the Teacher Education Program." The plan must be signed by the advisor and the forms turned into the Education Advising Center, 132 Reid Hall. Students should apply to the Teacher Education Program by the end of their sophomore year.

The requirements for admission are 1) cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5; 2) a "C" grade point average in all required courses; 3) approval of the advisor; and 4) no record of immoral conduct related to the teaching profession nor been judged guilty of a criminal offense as outlined by Section 20-4 110 of the Montana Code Annotated.

Application and approval for student teaching. Certain requirements must be met by all students desiring to student teach. These are 1) maintenance of the same standards required for admission into the program including satisfactory clearance on a federal criminal background check; 2) completion of all required courses; 3) certification of first aid and CPR; and 4) approval of advisor.

Student teaching is limited to seniors. Application must be made to the Director of Field Placement and Certification no later than the following times:

  • Fall student teaching: by the end of the first week in December of the year prior to student teaching.
  • Spring student teaching: by the end of the second week of April of the year prior to student teaching.

The Praxis II exam in the area of physical education must be successfully passed one semester prior to student teaching.

Recommendation and approval for licensure. The requirements for recommendation by Montana State University for licensure include completion of courses in the Teacher Education Program as outlined in the individual's approved plan; maintenance of the same standards as required for student teaching; and approval of the advisor and the Director of Field Placement and Certification.

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Please note: The Montana University System is presently undergoing common course numbering to ensure course transferability among Montana's campuses. Please refer to the course number equivalency tool to check equivalencies between old and new courses.

Freshman Year Credits
COM 110US--Intro to Public Communication 3
FCS 101IS--Ind Fam Well-Being Lifespan 3
HEE 195--Paraprofessional Experience I 1
KIN 105--Found of Ex Science 3
HEE 306--Teaching Fitness/Act 3
COA 205--Introduction to Coaching 3
LIBR 121--Elec Library Research Skills 3
M 145Q--Math for Liberal Arts 3
WRIT 101W--College Writing I 3
University Core and Electives 9
Sophomore Year Credits
EDU 223--Ed Psy & Adolescent Dev Devel 3
EDU 211D--Multicultural Education 3
EDU 370--Integrating Tech into Ed 2
NUTR 221CS--Basic Human Nutrition 3
CHTH 205--Drugs and Society 3
HTH 220--Human Sexuality 3
KIN 221--Health Anat & Phys 3
HEE 305--Teaching Movement Content 3
University Core and Electives 8
Junior Year Credits
EDU 382--Assessment, Curric, Instruction 3
EDU 397--Methods: K-4 Health Enhancement 3
EDU 497--Methods: 5-12 Health Enhancement 3
FCS 371--Research Methods 3
HEE 310--Hlth Enhance for Atypical Populations 3
KIN 322--Anatomical Kinesiology 4
University Core and Electives 12
Senior Year Credits
EDU 495 --Student Teaching: K-8 6
EDU 495--Student Teaching: 5-12 6
EDU 408--Professional Issues: 5-12 2
HTH 455--The Ethic of Care 3
KIN 320--Exercise Physiology 4
HEE 430--Instruct Design & Admin of HE Curr 3
KIN 440--Sport Psychology 3
University Core and Electives 6

Electives (select 11 credits from the following courses):

NUTR 411--Nutr for Sports & Exer 3
CHTH 435--Human Response to Stress 3
COA 316--Football Coaching Theory 1
COA 317--Basketball Coaching Theory 1
COA 318--Soccer Coach Theory 1
COA 319--Volleyball Coaching Theory 1
COA 256--Track & Field Theory 2
COA 395--Coaching Application 1-3
EDEC 453--Health & Movement Early Child 3
KIN 270--Exercise Prog for Older Adults 3
KIN 410--Adv Strength Training Conditioning 3
KIN 415--Adv Exercise Testing & Prescription 3
COA 405--Advanced Concepts in Coaching 3
DANC 150--Social Dance 1
Free electives - Select 3 credits from any University Course

A minimum of 128 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.

Electives (select 9 credits from the following courses):

NUTR 411--Nutr for Sports & Exer 3
HDPE 316--Football Coaching Theory 1
HDPE 317--Basketball Coaching Theory 1
HDPE 318--Soccer Coach Theory 1
HDPE 319--Volleyball Coaching Theory 1
HDPE 362--Track & Field Theory 2
HDPE 367--Coaching Application 1-3
KIN 410--Principles of Strength and Conditioning 3
COA 405--Advanced Concepts in Coaching 3
DANC 150--Social Dance 1
Free electives - Select 3 credits from any University Course

A minimum of 128 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.