Analysis Descriptions and Malt Process Troubleshooting

malt in kiln tubes

Gain a better understanding of a COA from the maltster's perspective

Descriptions for each of the quality parameters you may find on a COA for malting barley and malted grain - plus methods to help impact each in the malt process!

Maltster Start Up Guide

planning a startup - documents spread on table

Interested in some practical advice on where to start your in house malt lab?

This guide includes suggested equipment and testing that all malsters should be doing.


Process Control Template

Data tracking in a spreadsheet

Tracking your own process can be one of the best learning tools!

This Excel template can be customized to your needs, but is a fantastic start to understanding how your process impacts your quality and developing a consistent product!

CMG Quality Manual

CMG Quality and safety manual

Pick it up today! 

The Craft Malster's Guild had curated a fantastic guide which is filled with tons of practical tips and knowledge for the craft maltser!


FSMA Plan Builder

food safety pictogram

Interactive Plan Builder to get your malthouse compliant with current food safety regulations.

We can tell you from experience - this guide makes life a lot easier when tackling the complex task of creating a food safety plan!

 Hot Steep Equipment List

hot steep worts filtering

A curated equipment list with vendor links to help you get started in the world of malt sensory

The hot steep method is designed to be an easy, rapid, and affordable way to do in house sensory evaluations of malt. This ASBC approved method is a great way to ensure quality control within your malthouse, develop product descriptions, and work interactively with clients. This resource is designed to make getting started that much simpler!


North Dakota State University Presentations

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Spring 2020 Grain Storage

and Drying Best Management Practices & Safety Guidelines

Useful web links:

Related societies:

Become a member of the Craft Maltster's Guild. Membership offers many perks such as webinars, online videos, quality standards and methods, and you can query the group about questions regarding your system.

American Society of Brewing Chemists - membership, among other perks, allows you access to the full catalog of tests developed for grain, malt, and beer analysis

American Malting Barley Association - this society promotes the development of malting barley and makes recomendation for lines best suited for the industry as well as guidelines for quality specifications