The College of Education, Health and Human Development will award $1,000-$5,000 internal grants for faculty and staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. Funds will be invested in projects that expand and advance our DEI efforts outlined in our EHHD Diversity and Inclusion Plan.   


Eligible: TT Faculty, NTT Faculty, Classified and Professional Staff



Please submit a 1-PAGE document (Word or PDF) with the following information

  1. PI Name (include collaborators if applicable; can include graduate students)
  2. Project title
  3. Description of the project
  4. Description of how this project aligns with the EHHD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan (see: http://www.montana.edu/ehhd/diversity_and_inclusion_plan.html)
  5. Detailed Budget and Timeline



  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: Rolling deadline until funds are expended
  • Submit your application to Elizabeth Bird
  • Members of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force and EHHD Leadership Team will serve as the review committee for evaluating and prioritizing these awards. Awardees will be announced approximately 2 weeks after the submission deadline. 
  • Awardees are expected to report project outcomes in a grant report (due during fall semester 2023), as well as through programming (such as an EHHD Diversity Dialogue event or EHHD Diversity Roundtable).
  • The deadline for expending funds is June 10, 2024 without exception.
  • Awardees can spend funds on: materials, educational supplies, registration for training, technology, faculty summer salary for work completed by June 10, 2024, temporary support to relieve staff time or overtime work completed by June 10, 2024.



  1. Value and relevance of proposed project for EHHD (40%)
  2. Alignment with EHHD DEI Plan (40%)
  3. Budget clarity & ability to complete by 2022 fiscal year end (20%)



  • New and creative integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices in coursework or scholarship
  • Training and professional development to enhance DEI knowledge/skills
  • Purchase of materials for professional development or to use in teaching/research to expand DEI focus  
  • Re-consideration of a current process or incorporation of intentionality around DEI practices and principles in all areas of the College of EHHD, including physical spaces
  • Contact Elizabeth Bird or Kayte Kaminski to discuss other creative ideas. Opportunities for additional compensation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.