This year-long learning community consists of monthly 1.5-hour sessions structured around a central theme connected to MSU’s strategic plan, information about University governance and complemented by webinars from the National Center for Diversity and Development, workshops throughout the month* on different topics highlighted at New Faculty Orientation.

New faculty will automatically be invited to the first learning community meeting in September.

Session 1: September: Successfully Navigating the University System

Session 2: October: Successfully Navigating Challenges in the Classroom

Session 3: November Strategies for Enhancing Your Productivity in Research, Creative Practice, and/or Teaching

Session 5:  December Departmental Expectations for Career and Tenure Track Faculty

Session 4: January Successfully Cultivating your Network of Mentors, Sponsors, and Collaborators

Session 6: February Moving through Resistance and Successful Grant Writing and Fellowships

Session 7: Your Strategic Plan, Service Expectations and Successfully managing your life as an academic

Session 8: April Managing Grads, Labs, Teams, and Difficult Colleagues

*This program is based on Faculty Onboarding at the University of Oregon and their “New Faculty Success Program.”

Questions about the Early Career Success Faculty Learning Community? Contact Nika Stoop at  [email protected]