Held Monday – Friday, February 28 – March 4, 2022

MSU has a Diversity and Inclusion Framework that includes goals around ensuring access to equitable educational experiences, fostering welcoming learning environments, and implementing professional development opportunities around diversity and inclusion.

This series of presentations was created so that faculty and staff could share their inclusive practices with a broad audience. Some of the participants received grants from their college to pursue their ideas and others were nominated by their college to share their work. We wanted to have a broad range of applications and colleges to share many different ideas and contexts for inclusive practices.

A diverse and inclusive educational environment leads to better outcomes in   • Learning – creating a sense of belonging helps all students to achieve their highest potential, • Research endeavors – leading to more innovative research questions and solutions, and • Outreach – leading to greater community engagement.

Each one-hour session consisted of three 5-min presentations followed by live questions and discussion. 

Sponsored by

Office of Diversity & Inclusion           College of Letters & Science

Center for Faculty Excellence             College of Education, Health & Human Development

Recorded Presentations

Click on the "watch now" link to watch the recording. You will need your NetID and password.


Closed Captioning as a Tool to Increase Inclusive Teaching
Lisa Brown, Gallatin College  

Indigenous Perspectives in School Librarianship
Deborah Rinio, Education 

Bringing DEI to Academic Advising: How we can be culturally humble advisors 
Sara Heller, Health & Human Dev. 

Identity and Inclusivity in Proof Based Mathematics
Ryan Grady and Derek Williams, Mathematical Sciences

Scholars in Conversation: Amplifying BIPOC research and voices through video podcasting
Cody Warner, Sociology & Anthropology

Exploring and Analyzing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Montana through Podcasting in WRIT 201
Jean Arthur-Sellegren, English

Digital Equity & Inclusion Strategies at the MSU Library
Rachelle McLain and Jacqueline Frank, Library    

Rethinking Creativity, Craft, and Audience in the Writing Workshop
Zach Bean, English

Universal Design is Accessible Learning for All Abilities

Kyndra Campbell, Gallatin College


Mentoring Tribal students in community-based graduate work
Mari Eggers, Microbiology & Cell Biology  

Bystander Intervention Training and Building a More Extensive Field Safety Guide
Madison Myers and Meredith Knowles, Earth Sciences  

Gender Affirming Research Practices
Denise Rivera, Nursing    



Effect of Leadership Development on MT Music Teacher Vacancies
Tobin Stewart, School of Music

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in MSU Youth STEM Outreach
Suzi Taylor, Science Math Resource Center

Infusing Equity in the Montana Farm to School Summit
Aubree Roth, Montana Nutrition Program