Strong mentorship has been linked to enhanced mentee productivity, self-efficacy, career satisfaction, and is an important predictor of the academic success of scientists in training.

Upcoming Trainings

Looking for some ideas on how to best mentor graduate and undergraduate students in research? These workshops use materials from the Center for Improved Mentoring Experiences in Research to explore many different subjects around mentoring. These sessions will be offered each spring semester.

Facilitated by Nika Stoop, PhD ([email protected])

Addressing Equity & Inclusion, Aligning expectations and Effective Communications

Completing each workshop in the series will earn 2 credits towards membership in the Center.

Indigenous Mentoring Program

Next session coming soon!

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Several departments have trained facilitators within their department. Check with your department head to see if you can join their trainings.

Past Trainings

Part 1 - Assessing Understanding, Fostering Independence and Promoting Professional Development

  • Tuesday, February 20 || 1:00 – 3:00 pm || 324 Library Teaching Space 

Part 2 – Promoting Mentee Research Self-Efficacy, Fostering Wellbeing and Enhancing Work-Life Integration

  • March 7 || 1:00 – 3:00 pm || 324 Library Teaching Space