As part of Spring Convocation, the Office of the Provost asks for nominations for the Teaching Innovation Award. The award is designed to honor faculty who have incorporated outstanding innovative teaching practices into their classes at Montana State University. 

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2022 - Congratulations to Stephanie Wettstein!

Stephanie Wettstein

Stephanie Wettstein, an associate professor in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, has received the 2022 Teaching Innovation Award.  InWettstein’s course, co-instructors are division leaders with different roles in the management of FAVRE Corp such as CEO and CTO. Lectures are workshops where students learn company policies. Homework assignments are memos and emails to the class are company communications. The “Employee Handbook” contains communication tips and statistical information. 
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2021 - Congratulations to Hannah DelCurto-Wyffels!

Megan Wickstrom

Hannah DelCurto-Wyffels teaches introductory animal science courses and specialized courses in livestock evaluation, calving and livestock management. She also advises MSU’s Steer-A-Year program, through which students oversee all elements of raising and caring for steers donated by agricultural producers across Montana. Meat from those steers is served annually in MSU’s dining halls.  

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The selection committee evaluates nominees on the following criteria:

  • Evidence of innovative and/or novel teaching practices that have been incorporated within the past three years.
  • Relative comprehensiveness of scope. The innovation must have involved changes in the way a subject is taught. For example, an activity that transpires in the course of one class period does not have the same influence as a pedagogical strategy that evolves over several class periods or an entire course.
  • Measurable impact on teaching effectiveness, student success and/or retention.
  • Potential or realized widespread use within or across disciplines.

Innovative practices will be expected to be grounded in best practices of the college and university teaching profession and/or the particular discipline.


To be eligible, individuals must be current tenure track or non-tenure track faculty who have completed a minimum of three years of teaching at MSU-Bozeman. Not eligible are current members of the selection committee and previous winners of the award.

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Past Recipients

  MacDonald Burgess, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology, Learn more about MacDonald's work and all of  the awardees

2019    Megan Wickstrom, Mathematical Sciences Learn more about Megan's work and all of the awardees

2018    Graham Austin, marketing, Meta Newhouse, graphic design, and Mary Stein, sustainable food and
bioenergy systems

2017    Mike Babcock, Psychology

2016    Brent Rosso, Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship