Since our founding in 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity has held fast to our values of Charity, Silence, Purity, Patriotism, and Honor. Our mission is simple: to better the man. Whether it is academically, intellectually, or physically, we as brothers push each other to be the very best men that we can be. Not only do we strive to better ourselves, we also strive to better the community through our philanthropic partners: Homes for Troops, Active Minds, Aware Awake Alive, Shatterproof, and RAINN. Our cause may be hidden, but the results are well known.

When you join Alpha Sigma Phi, you’re not just getting a bunch of friends, you get a family. We are a family of drastically different personalities that come from many diverse backgrounds and would be overjoyed to have you.



RAINN, Shatterproof, Aware Awake Alive, Active Minds, Homes for our Troops

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