Parents, review the latest Fraternity and Sorority Chapter Report here.

How can my student sign up for Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment?

1.            Register Now - fill out the online registration form (Men's and Women's)

2.            Attend the Involvement Fair at MSU Friday and look for the FSL booth

3.            Attend the Fraternity and Sorority Life Info Session at Orientation Sessions

4.            Visit us at Catapalooza

5.            Contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life anytime Monday through Friday!

What are the requirements to join?

Any student who is enrolled at MSU is eligible to participate in the recruitment process. Some chapters have a minimum GPA to pledge, become initiated, or to hold office in the chapter. Some may require a minimum of 12 credits to become an initiate. Exact requirements of each chapter can be obtained during recruitment. It is best to reach out to individual chapters to confirm specific membership requirements. Find fraternity and sorority contacts under the chapter pages listed on our home page. 

What happens during Recruitment Week?

During Recruitment Week students, will have the opportunity to visit the different houses to see what it might be like to live in a fraternity or sorority house, meet the members, and ask any questions they may have about scholarship, finances, social activities and any other aspects of Fraternity and Sorority Life at MSU. Recruitment is a mutual selection process. For those interested in sororities, this is a structured process which takes place from August 26th-29th. More information about formal sorority recruitment can be found here. As potential fraternity members, the process is more free flowing. Fraternities will host BBQ's, open house tours, and other activities throughout the first week. These events are usually open and do not require a registration.

What is a "Bid?"

Bids are invitations extended by fraternity and sorority chapters to join their organization.

What will it cost?

As in any organization, there are bills to pay and costs to membership. Upon joining a fraternity or sorority there are one-time-only fees of pledging and initiation including the purchase of one's badge or pin. Other fees include chapter and inter/national dues. These costs vary per chapter. Members of our Fraternities and Sororities generally find that the amount of money saved by living in chapter housing more than pays for the investment of becoming a member. Chapters themselves have payment plans and scholarship opportunities to help ease the financial obligations of a member. Cost for each chapter can be obtained during Recruitment - be sure to ask.

What about Hazing?

Montana State University has strict policies against hazing, as do all the national organizations. Our Fraternity and Sorority members are ladies and gentleman who respect one another and the founding principles of their respective organizations. For more information and resources, please visit our Hazing Prevention webpage.


What about living in the Chapter House?

Our fraternities and sororities are like homes, with living areas, common rooms, study rooms, multiple bathrooms, expansive kitchens and dining areas. All four of the sororities employ a house mother or house director to handle the day to day maintenance of the chapter facility. Room and board expenses are generally much less expensive than apartment or residence hall living. Fees include parking, laundry facilities, cable TV, high-speed internet, phone and other amenities. Chapter houses also enjoy a proximity to campus. Most chapters have a live-in requirement, though each house varies in its length.

The comforts of home are available to our fraternity and sorority members, but it is the brotherhood and sisterhood that flourishes in an environment that promotes learning and friendship that sets our organizations apart.