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Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the largest and one of the oldest national social fraternities around today. Founded on March 9, 1856 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the University of Alabama. Another unique aspect of ΣAE is that it is the only national social fraternity founded in the Antebellum South.

ΣAE boasts a strong list of notable alumni such as the 25th U.S. president William McKinley, NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, Pulitzer Prize winning author William Faulkner, as well as the most Forbes 500 CEOs out of any social fraternity.

And from our national website:

“As brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, we strive to reach the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service throughout our lives. The values put forth by our Founding Fathers are as relevant today as they were in 1856. And we believe it’s our duty to follow them in order to better ourselves, our brothers, and everyone around us.

Our goal is to give young men the community, culture, guidance, and tools they need to be a True Gentleman. This means having focused principles, strong convictions and the strength to always do the right thing—as a True Gentleman rises above his peers to be a guiding light today and tomorrow.”

Chapter Update

Since the Fall semester of 2020, we have grown to a chapter size of 37 active brothers. Restarting during the COVID-19 pandemic proved challenging. The first semester, we were unable to meet in person for chapter meetings or hold in-person recruitment events. We were only allowed to hold meetings over Zoom, which was less than ideal. In Spring 2021, we were allowed to have recruitment events and we hosted 4 events which brought in 12 new members to the previous 15. The school also began allowing us to hold in-person chapter meetings, which we held (and still hold) on campus. Not having a chapter house seemed like a setback to recruiting at first, but we soon realized that it was actually a good way to shape our whole recruiting strategy and make sure we recruited True Gentlemen. Our main message was “join a fraternity for the brotherhood, not the house”. In Fall 2021, we had 83 potential new members attend our recruitment events, gave bids to 19, and activated 15. This Spring, we recruited 7 more gentlemen, bringing our chapter total to 44 active members.

This and last Spring semester, we raised money for our local charity through a virtual philanthropy fundraiser. This past Fall (2021) we raised even more from a free pancake breakfast. This semester, we have plans to hold a Paddy Murphy philanthropy week, which is a philanthropy event specific to ΣAE. We also require that all active brothers have 10 hours of community service per semester and we have partnered with Habitat for Humanity, Bozeman Warming Center, and the Food Bank. 

Socially, we have re-established our presence on the MSU campus and among the Greek life community. This year, we participated in the homecoming parade with Alpha Gamma Delta and got 3rd place for best float. We also had a multitude of social events with the sororities on campus. The other fraternities on campus have been very welcoming and invited us to many of their events. We make sure to maintain good relationships between us and the Greek houses at MSU. This semester, we have more socials planned with sororities as well as a spring formal.

Brotherhood has been our biggest focus since our reinstatement. We participate in intramural sports such as volleyball, flag football, dodgeball, and basketball. We often have ski days at Bridger Bowl, backpacking trips, fishing trips, and tournaments (darts, poker, pool, basketball). We also hold an annual camping trip that everyone always looks forward to. We are most proud of the fact that everyone gets along with each other, and many lifelong friendships have already been made. We look forward to becoming the most respected and desirable fraternity on campus.

We have done our best to uphold the traditions of ΣAE that have been around the past 100+ years here at MSU, and we look forward to our re-chartering ceremony on Saturday, February 26th.



Big Sky Bravery (Local) & Children's Miracle Network (National)

National Website


Recruitment Chair

Ryan Parsons
[email protected]

Teagan Korin
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Jonah Pate
(406) 261-2979
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