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Sorority women are many things: volunteers, musicians, students, friends, interns, athletes, employees, and so much more. A sorority then can best be described as a group of women passionate about their studies, community service and sisterhood. Being a member of a sorority provides a support system for collegiate women, while providing opportunities for leadership and professional development. Sororities have existed for the purpose of promoting female professionalism since 1867. 

We have five sororities on campus: Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, and Pi Beta Phi.

 The sororities at MSU are heavily involved in their campus and community. They can be found volunteering with national and local charities, holding leadership positions in clubs, honor societies and student government, and interacting with their fellow students. Sorority members can also be seen attending Bobcat Athletic events, participating in intramural sports, musical groups, walking in the homecoming parade, and hosting formals (dances). Overall being a member of a sorority provides you with a support system and opportunities to be successful during your collegiate career. 

August 23th- 26th, 2019. This occurs after the opening of the residence halls and over the weekend before classes begin. 

Easy answer, yes. There is a specific time during each day when Potential New Members can interact with the active members of a sorority. This time can't be rescheduled or made up and so it is imperative the you attempt to attend all the recruitment events possible. If you have a class conflict, let your recruitment counselors know and they will organize for you to be put back into the parties as soon as your class has ended. 

There is a $40 registration fee when signing up for sorority recruitment. Members can bring $40 in cash or check to the first day of recruitment, there are no online or card payments. This fee provides gift bags for Potential New Members, a meal during recruitment, and computer processing fees for the registration system. 

As outlined on the sorority recruitment homepage, the days of recruitment stat casual and become more formal each day. The officers of the Panhellenic Council have compiled a Pinterest board to help you get an idea of outfits. Most importantly is for you to be yourself and wear what you are comfortable in. Let your individual style show through! 

 Choosing a bid is a personal decision that only you can make. It is best to consider which women made you feel the most comfortable and at home. Don't choose a chapter for the chapter house, or because you like how the letter look. Rather choose a house for the values it represents and the women you believe would enhance your collegiate experience, and ultimately your life. 

 The simple answer is no. If you choose to go through sorority recruitment, there is no obligation for you to join a sorority at the end of the week. Our sincere hope is that you enjoy your recruitment experience. We hope you feel at home in one of the four sororities and by the end of the week genuinely want to join. The wonderful part about recruitment is that there is no risk, it gives you a chance to meet new friends and explore how sorority life might affect you personally. 
 If anything joining a sorority will improve academic performance. Every sorority has a minimum GPA requirement members must meet. If you are struggling academically, chapters will provide campus resources, study hours, and help you to find a tutor so you may be academically successful. Sorority women first and foremost are students, and therefore achieving satisfying grades and earning a degree are important factors of sorority life. The sorority community also has a direct communication with the Dean of Students Office on campus, providing extra university support as needed. 

Dues and housing cost vary by chapter. The range of new member dues is $400-800, housing 3,000-8,000 per year, active dues are less ranging from $300-500. All sororities have payment plans and other financial counseling available. Make sure to ask about financial obligations during the formal recruitment process for more specific amounts and payment policies. 

Your time in a sorority is what you make of it. Most chapters have one mandatory meeting per week, and a few other required events throughout the semester such as formal recruitment in the fall and philanthropy events. Everything beyond these mandatory events may be attended at your own leisure. 
 Yes. Each sorority requires it’s members to live in the sorority house. Most require 6 semesters although if the house is full members will have the option to move out sooner. You are not required to live in the sorority house your freshman year although if there is room and you are approved by Residence Life. 

Living in a sorority house is a unique experience that a woman can only have while an active collegiate member. Most chapter homes house 35-46 women. Each house is located close to campus with in house chef’s and snack cupboards. The experience of living within a sorority house is similar to the dorm floor environment, only each woman is handpicked by that chapter. 

 The answer is easy, absolutely not. We have a strict anti-hazing policy at MSU and each sorority has national anti-hazing policies as well. Should you ever you feel like you are being hazed there is an anti-hazing hotline you can call to report: (888)-NOT-HAZE or (888)-668-4293.