M.A. Students


Ethan Bezzek


Ethan enjoys researching modern military history broadly and specifically conflicts in Africa. Having never been to Montana before, he is enjoying all the new experiences that living "on the frontier" has to offer.

griffis photo

Corey Griffis

Corey's primary interests are environmental and Indigenous histories, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  Topics of special interest include climate change; Indigenous landscapes, spiritualities, and ecologies; environmental and natural disaster; animal and food histories; and the role of science and spiritualities in shaping diverse conceptions of environment and ecology.

Erin Hamm


Erin currently studies Russian history and is interested in examining foreign communists in the Soviet Union. Her topics of interest include the Russian Revolution, Marxism-Leninism, Stalinism, Soviet foreign policy, and the Comintern.

Kim Kohn

Kim Kohn

Kim continues to work at the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, while studying Butte history within Montana and the West. Beyond Butte, her research interests include Manhattan Project/Secret City kids, 20th-century architecture, and ghost signs.
Samantha Milner stands in front of steep whitewater rapids and evergreen trees

Samantha Milner

Sammi is passionate about bison, skiing, and public lands. Her current work focuses on the environmental history of industrial bone mining and bone picking of the Northern Plains bison across three North American sites.