Phi Alpha Theta - History Club

Phi Alpha Theta is a honors society for students who are majoring in history. Run in conjunction with the Montana State History Club, students meet to talk about history, meet other majors, and speak with faculty.

At this time, Phi Alpha Theta is inactive at MSU.  Please check back for updated status and information.


Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau is the International Honor Society in Philosophy.  The purpose of Phi Sigma Tau is to encourage interest and activity among students and to promote ties between philosophy departments in accredited universities.   

At this time, Phi Sigma Tau is inactive at MSU. Please check back for updated status and information. 

Phi Sigma Tau Manual

MSU Ethicats Debate Team

MSU participates in the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl competition, sponsored by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE).

Students from colleges and universities across the United States and Canada compete in 11 Regional Ethics  Bowl competitions each fall. The teams argue and defend their moral assessment of some of the most troubling and complex ethical issues facing society today. Questions address a wide array of topics including biomedical ethics, technology and privacy, environmental ethics, and social and political affairs.

The competition focuses on selected cases developed by APPE ethics faculty, researchers, and professionals.  Students are judged on their ability to (1) understand the facts of the case, (2) articulate the ethical principles involved in the case, (3) present an effective argument on how the case should be resolved, and (4) respond effectively to challenges put forth by the opposing team as well as the panel of expert judges.

If you are interested in participating in the MSU Ethics Debate Team, contact Dr. Kristen Intemann ([email protected]), Department of History & Philosophy.

Learn more about the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics and the Ethics Bowl Competition.