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Published Works by Our Students

Black Montana

Anthony Wood


Black Montana: Settler Colonialism and the Erosion of the Racial Fronter, 1877-1930

American Zion

Betsy Gaines Quammen


American Zion: Cliven Bundy, God, and Public Lands in the West

Living With Lead

Brad Snow


Living with Lead: An Environmental HIstory of Idaho's Coeur D'Alenes, 1885-2011

Yellowstone and the Smithsonian

Diane Smith


Yellowstone and the Smithsonian: Centers of Wildlife Conservation


Casey Pallister (2022)

Perilous Propigation: The Orgins and growth of Eugenics in Montana

Jill Falcon Ramaker (2021)

Chi Bizhiki (Grandfather Buffalo): Anishinaabe Sovereignty, The Seasonal Round, And Resistance to the Colonization of the Web of Life, 1780-1890

Will Wright (2021) 

Nature Unbound: What Gray Wolves, Monarch Butterflies, and Giant Sequoias Tell Us about Large Landscape Conservation

Frank Boynton (2021)

The Horses with No Names: Lessons from the U.S. Civil War

Clinton Colgrove (2020)

Schools of empires: the role of higher education and colonization in the American West and Japan

Jeffrey Bartos (2018)

Mining for empire: gold, American engineers, and transnational extractive capitalism, 1889-1914

Cheryl Hendry (2017)

Finding nature in an industrial swamp: a case study of New Jersey's Hackensack meadowlands

Betsy Gains Quammen (2017)

American Zion: Mormon perspectives on landscape from Zion National Park to the Bundy family war

Gary Sims (2017)

Damn the torpedoes: the history of science and undersea warfare in World War II

Natalie Scheidler (2016)

And they all fell silent: gender and violence in Butte, Montana, 1910-1950

Gerald Van Slyke (2016)

The citizen militias of the United States: their antecedents, development, and present condition

Robin Hardy (2016)

Dangerous vagabonds': resistance to slave emancipation and the colony of Senegal

Daniel Zizzamia (2015)

Making the west malleable: coal, geohistory, and western expansion, 1800-1920

Robert Gardner (2013)

Technological Forests: Engineering Nature with Tree Planting on the Great Plains, 1870-1944

E. Jerry Jessee (2013)

Radiation Ecologies: Bombs, Bodies, and Environment During the Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Period, 1942-1965

Paul Sivitz (2012)

Communication and Community: Moving Scientific Knowledge in Britain and America, 1732-1782

Diane Smith (2012)

Animals and Artifacts: Specimen Exchanges and Displays in Yellowstone National Park, the National Museum, and the National Zoo, 1846 to 1916

Brad Snow (2012)

Living with Lead: An Environmental History of the Coeur D'Alenes, 1885-2011

Theses and Professional Papers

Daniel Goodman (2019) Guiding visions of the space age: how imaginative expectations directed an industry

Evan Kelly (2019) A turbulent upriver flow: steamboat narratives of nature, technology, and humans in Montana Territory

Adam Negri (2019) Regarding policy in chronic traumatic encephalopathy as a transhistoric disorder

Anthony Wood (2018) The erosion of the racial frontier: settler colonialism and the history of black Montana, 1880-1930

Amanda Hardin (2017) Summer camp's color line: racialized landscapes and the struggle for integration, 1890-1950

Mary MacLean (2016)  Dying to communicate: the unabomber's determinism

Kerri Clement (2016) Phantoms on the land: animals, ghost trails, and wilderness in Yellowstone National Park

Patrick Collier (2016) The fences of the National Reactor Testing Station: intersections of popular culture and nuclear waste in eastern Idaho

Ben Davis (2015)  Endangered waters: interdependency on Montana's Big Hole River

Amy Dixon (2015) Petroleum harvest: farming, oil, and power in Montana's central and eastern oil booms, 1919-1950s

Alexander Aston (2014) Flame of the red flag: cogntive ecologies of the Paris commune

Michael Taylor (2014) Falling over in Philadelphia: early American psychotropy and transatlantic intoxication

Derek Akin (2013)  Vigilantes and Desperadoes: Sectionalism in Civil War Montana

Jeffrey Bartos (2013)  The Blight of the Federation: James McParland, The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, and The Western Federation of Miners, 1892-1907

Chad Freitag (2013) Cold Warriors and Vietnam: Mike Mansfield's Role in American Foreign Policy

Craig Townsend (2013) The Struggle to Build a Railroad to Cooke City Montana

Kelly Kirk (2011) State of Change: Gender and the 1972 MT Constitutional Convention

Ellen Kress (2011)  Wonder and spectacle in the world's first national park: railroad imagery of Yellowstone National Park

Jacob Rubow (2010) The Province of the Geologist

Elizabeth Watry (2010)  More than mere camps and coaches: the Wylie Camping Company and the development of a middle-class leisure ethic in Yellowstone National Park, 1883-1916

Francis Johnson (2008)  Lines of copper, tears of glass: the birth, growth and death of the Montana Power Company

Patrick Callaway (2008)  Religion and public order in the 1790s

George Erickson (2008)  History of Sand Coulee, Montana 1880 through 1900

Walker Asserson (2007)  The Economist in the Garden

Michael Wise (2007)  Wolves and Whiskey

Erin Meyer (2006)  "To Grace Your Face" with Halo Pearls: Class-based Advertising to Women in the "Slicks" and Pulps

Merri Ketterer (2006)  Stereoscoping Race and Gender in Virginia City

Sunday Walker-Kuntz (2006)  Land, life, and feme sole: women homesteaders in the Yellowstone River Valley, 1909-1934

Linda Kneeland (2006)  African American suffering and suicide under slavery

Wendy Zirngibl (2006)  Elk in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem : conflicts over management and conservation prior to natural regulation

Jen Brown (2005)  Hatcheries, Hybrids and the Creation of a Heralded Blue Ribbon Trout Stream

Charissa Fuhrman (2005)  Atomic BA: The Loss of Nuclear Expertise in the Cold War

Susan Martin (2005)  Pumps in the Woods: History of Women's Uniforms in the National Park Service

Bridgette Case (2004)  The women's protective union : union women activists in a union town,1890-1929

Shannon Hope (2004)  Walking A Crooked Line: Alvin M. Joesephy Jr.

Shannon Ongaro (2004) The historical power of the imagination: Ngugi Wa Thiong'o and the production of place

Miles Travis (2004)  Mixed Messeges: Thomas Calloway and the American Negro Exhibit of 1900

Matthew White (2004)  Requiem the Night: The Nocturnes of Frederic Remington and the Dawn of the 20th Century

John Gallagher (2004) A man of Germany: acceptable uncertainties in a time of war

Diane Smith (2004) What one knows one loves best: a brief administrative history of science education in the national parks, 1916-1925

Miranda Buckmaster (2003) Remaking American Indian histories: recognizing their voices, stories, lives

Brad Snow (2003) From the sixth floor to the Copper Dome: 'the Company's' political influence in Montana, 1920-1959

Molly Holz  (2003)  The Minutemen Missiles in Montana

Sharyn Sears (2003)  An Insatiable Hunger: Fashion, Leisure and the Appetite for Animals

Kathleen Werner (2003)  Mobilizing the Rural Home Front: The Extention, Montana Women, and World War II

Joshua Kelly (2002)  America's Laboratory: Yellowstone's Forgotten Tradition

Cora Larson (2002)  Cattle Grazing and Public Lands in the American West 1865-Present

Chris Rodi (2002)  Reclaiming the Possibility of Historical Accuracy

Rusty Hawkins (2001)  Eugenics in the Treasure State: Montana's Buried Past

Amanda DeClue (2001) Living in fear of the pale faced messenger: the private and public responses to yellow fever in Philadelphia, 1793-1799

Thomas Haynes (2001) Before the 'big dogs': an environmental history of bison and Plains Indians in the Yellowstone River Basin

Amy McKinney (2000) From the 'lost' to the 'greatest' generation: eastern Montana youth in the 1930s

April Fosdick (1999)  Competing Discourses: Early Strategies for Women's Rights

James Jenks (1999)  Judging Poverty: Institutional Poverty Relief in Gallatin County During the Nineteenth Century

Willard McCarthur (1999) Changes in the West: Mormons and the ecological geography of nationalism

Shane Runyon (1999)  Fort Mose: the free African community and militia of Spanish St. Augustine

SilverMoon (1999)  Fray Bernardino de Sahagun and the Nahua: conflicting interests intertwined

Steven Camac (1998)  The Eastern foundations: Near Eastern influence on the Ionian Presocratics and the transmission of Eastern religious ideas to Ionia

Christopher Waldrip (1998)  Fear and desire: miscegenation in the postbellum South

Jennifer Dunn (1998)  Defining the Other: Southern, Central and Eastern European Immigrants in Butte Montana 1900-1920

Rachel Fleming (1997)  World War II Prisoners of Conscience

Sarah Broadbent (1997)  Sportsmen and the evolution of the conservation idea in Yellowstone: 1882-1894

Douglas Edwards (1997)  Exhibiting the possibilities: the Montana State Fair

William Fischer (1997)  Faith, hope, and ethnicity: St. Mary's parish in Butte

Jason Nye (1996)  The will of the people: popular support for marriage reform, St. Andrews, 1559-1600

William Stoddart (1996)  Whose deal?: Burton K. Wheeler and the Indian Reorganization Act

Peggy Riley (1996)  Women of the Great Falls African Methodist Episcopal Church

Delbert Van Denberg (1996)  Building Castles in the Air: Andreas Wormser, Immigrant Locator and Land Developer

Don Mellon (1995)  The early experimenters: Gilbert, Galileo, and Harvey

Zane Fullbright (1994)  Miners, Movers and Moldboards:The Settlement of the Castle Mountains

Johanna Pfund (1994)  Western nature--German culture: German representations of Yellowstone, 1872-1910

Joseph McGeshick (1993)  The Sokaogon Chippewa and their lost treaty: 'We have always been here'

Carol Rydell (1993Aldo Starker Leopold: wildlife biologist and public policy maker

David Weber (1993)  Culture wars: the influence of religion in public life according to Richard John Neuhaus

Molly McAuliffe (1993)  Playing by Men's Rules: Montana's Rodeo Cowgirls of Yesterday and Today

Lindsey Miller (1993)  Evolution of a Civil Libertarian: Burton K. Wheeler 1910-1918

E. Derek Strahn (1992)  Asking for Survival: The Environmental Implications of Cultural Revitalization of the Fort Belknap Reservation

Joseph Weixelman (1992)  The Power to Evoke Wonder: Native Americans and the Geysers of Yellowstone National Park

Martha Foster (1991)  Of Baggage and Bondage: Gender and Status Among Hitdatsa and Crow Women

Jeffrey Sinnott (1991)  Television, Translators, and the Second Class TV Citizen: A Montana Case Study 1955-1970

Dennis Seibel (1990)  Odyssey: the Montana Centennial Train, 1964-1965

Michael Schmotzer (1979) Abraham Flexner and the reform of American medical education to 1915

Marguerite Harris (1977)  Radical environmental protectionism in a small community: a study of the Bolinas water moratorium

David Everett (1976) The 1952 Montana elections: politics as usual

Edrie Vinson (1976)  The People's Power League: a progressive organization in Montana 1911-1915

Kathleen Hendricks (1975)  The advancement of the science of engineering and the interest of the profession : the Montana Society of Civil Engineers 1887-1899

Peter McGorry (1975)  The Montana Agricultural Experiment Station and the development of dry farming techniques: 1902-1920

William Beaird (1974)  Termination of federal supervision over the Klamath tribe of Indians, Oregon, 1928-1961

John Bell (1974)  Congress and the supersonic transport, 1960-1971

Doris Ward (1974)  The winning of woman suffrage in Montana

James Putnam (1973)  The evolution of a frontier town : Bozeman, Montana, and its search for economic stability, 1864-1877

Timothy Carman (1971)  Senator Zales Ecton: a product of reaction

John Ellingsen (1971)  The Grand Union Hotel, Fort Benton, Montana; a symbol of an age

Thomas Satterthwaite (1971)  Cornelius Francis Kelley: the rise of an industrial statesman

Ronald Kenney (1969)  The Fairway Farms: an experiment in a new agricultural age

William Miller (1969)  Montana and the specter [sic] of McCarthyism, 1952-1954

John MacDonald (1950)  History of navigation on the Yellowstone river