Living Options

Residence Life


Residence Life provides a wide variety of living options for on-campus students to select from including single and co-ed buildings and floors. We also have a number of special living options and Living Learning Communities that students can select from when filling out their housing application. We encourage you to review all of the options listed below to make the best selection when completing your application preferences. If you have questions about any of these living options, please don't hesitate to contact Residence Life.

Living Learning Communities 2018-2019

For many incoming freshmen, the transition from an intimate high school setting to a university environment can be a daunting task. With the goal of easing this transition, the Residence Life Department at Montana State University has established Living Learning Communities within the residence halls. The reason for establishing Living Learning Communities is so that residents of these floors have a smoother transition to university life and to help them achieve greater academic success.

A Living Learning Community is for students interested in being around others with similar academic interests. Rather than finding their way through class projects, research papers, and exams alone, students become part of a close community of students who are experiencing similar educational challenges and transitional issues. When you live in a Living Learning Community you:

  • Live with 30-50 students with similar majors/lifestyles
  • Have great opportunities to make friends and study partners
  • Have access to a peer academic assistance

To find more information about these living options please see our Living Learning Community brochure.

What are the benefits of Living Learning Communities?

  • Students with similar majors/lifestyles live next door, or right across the hall
  • Students have great opportunities to make friends and study partners
  • Many students will be taking classes together while living together which promotes a smooth transition to university life and academic success
  • Living Learning Community participants will have access to peer tutoring and additional faculty support


The Business Living Learning Community is designed to provide career exploration and exposure to other majors/minors that allow for a career in the business field. Residents will have access to in-hall academic advising, study sessions, and evening presentations by business faculty and local business leaders. This living option is co-educational.

Offered in: South Hedges

Creative Arts:

The Creative Arts Living Learning Community is open to any student interested in the creative arts. Recently, the lounge space was remodeled to accommodate a workspace for creating models and completing art projects.  This living option is co-educational.

Offered in: South Hedges

Emerging Leaders:

The Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community is a space for residents to explore their role as an emerging leader. As a member of this community residents will have the unique opportunity to learn and practice their individual style of leadership. This is a collaboration between Residence Life and the Leadership Institute to provide programming and mentorship throughout the year. This living option is co-educational.  Students living on the floor must enroll in the Leadership Fellows program and enroll in a special section of UC 102 during the fall semester.

Offered in: South Hedges


The Engineering Living Learning Community is designed to give residents an edge in their demanding and competitive engineering majors.  Residents are provided with programs and workshops that supplement their in-class experience, as well as in-hall study sessions and faculty presentations.  This living option is offered for males in Langford and females in Hannon.

Offered in: Hannon, Langford


The Honors Living Learning Communities are dedicated to giving students in the University Honors Program the opportunity to live and learn together in an atmosphere that is dedicated to holistic learning. Residents will experience social and educational programs designed to promote intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and independence.  This living option is co-educational.

Offered in: Quads, South Hedges

Sense of Place:

The Sense of Place Living Learning Community is a brand new community which focuses on residents establishing an understanding of their-self and their place in the world.  This community was developed for students unsure about what they want to study and what their futures hold. This living option is co-educational. Students living on the floor must enroll in a special section of US 103  during the spring semester.

Offered in: South Hedges

Substance Free Housing:

More information to come. Stay tuned!

Offered in: TBD


Special Living Options:

Sophomore and Above:

This quiet yet active living option provides an opportunity for students who want a change of pace from the traditional freshmen energy.

Offered in: JohnstoneRoskie, Headwaters Complex, ResLife Apartments

21 & Older:

Similar to the Sophomore and Above living option, this option is for students who are 21 years of age or older and are interested in living around students who are around the similar age. This option is open with double and single rooms in Johnstone specifically.

Offered in: Johnstone

Co-ed Floors:

Co-ed floors feature men living on one side/wing of the floor and women on the other side/wing. Residents on co-ed floors quickly develop brother/sister type relationships.

Offered in: North Hedges, Yellowstone

Co-ed Buildings:

Co-ed buildings feature males and females living in the building on single gender floors, but the building is occupied by both genders. Residents in co-ed buildings have the opportunity to interact with a wide diversity of other students and be surrounded by a large amount of social and academically focused programming.

Offered in: ResLife Apartments, Johnstone/MullanNorth Hedges, QuadsRoskie, South Hedges, Yellowstone

Mixed Gender Housing:

Montana State University is pleased to offer a Mixed Gender Housing option to better support our students. This option allows students to share a suite with fellow students regardless of their sex, gender identity, or gender expression. 

Our goal is to make you feel safe and welcome into your new community. Please keep in mind, the earlier you contact us with questions and/or concerns, the more flexibility we will have in assisting you with exploring different housing options. James Tobin, Assistant Director of Residence Life is the designated staff member in Residence Life that will be able to answer your questions and to provide you with a personal and confidential assessment of our available housing options. Please contact James at (406) 994-2661 or via email at to understand options available to you or discuss any questions that you may have. If you speak with a Residence Life staff member, you choose what you want to disclose.