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MSU Giving Day Feb. 15-16, 2023 - A Huge Success!!!

A huge THANK YOU!  to all our donors who share our vision to bring Elementary Science Olympiad to Montana. Your generous contributions during the 2023 MSU Giving Day generated funds which will allow us to launch programs in communities across the state.

Read more about our goal to launch Elementary Science Olympiad and see how contributors not only met, but exceeded our fundraising goals!   Visit our Giving Day page 

Elementary Science Olympiad Pilot Project in Montana

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Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) is a hands-on science program for students in grades K-6. ESO activities include Fun Days and Fun Nights that excite students about STEM and inspire them to one day join their middle and high school Science Olympiad team! ESO offers a competitive tournament for grades 3-6, just like the older students. Many of the tournament events are the same as the ones the older students compete in, but scaled to their age group to inspire early STEM understanding.

The Science Math Resource Center chose Aug. 30, 2021 as the date to launch two pilot programs of Elementary Science Olympiad in Montana. Aug. 30 is the birthday of Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a Montana native whose pioneering work on vaccines has saved millions of lives and helped to eradicate childhood diseases. Dr. Hilleman was born in Miles City, Montana, and graduated from Montana State University in 1941. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Maurice Hilleman is the most influential person ever in the field of vaccinology.

To celebrate Dr. Hilleman, SMRC partnered with MSU’s Hilleman Scholars to test two pilot projects of Elementary Science Olympiad in Miles City and Cut Bank, Montana.  In these schools, fourth and fifth graders did hands-on activities from the ESO curriculum and learn about Montana’s most influential scientist. Hilleman Scholars is an MSU program for recently graduated Montana residents with academic, leadership, and career potential.

Learn more about the national Elementary Science Olympiad program or contact the SMRC for details at [email protected] or call (406) 994-7476