2024 State Tournament · Friday, April 19th

Checklist of Information for Coaches and Teams

Rules for Team Registration

Please review these rules to ensure proper registration of your teams and students.  You will be asked on the registation form to acknowledge your review, understanding, and compliance of these rules.  Accurate registration ensures compliance with the national rules for Science Olympiad.

    • Register a Varsity team first (11-15 students or <11 students)
    • JV team(s) are registered seperately by filling out the registration form subsequent times for each JV team
    • JV teams may have up to 15 students
    • Students may not compete on a Varsity team in some events and a JV team in other events
    • Division B teams may have up to FIVE of last year's 8th graders competing on a team
    • Division C teams may have up to SEVEN 12th grade students competing on a team

Questions?  Contact us at [email protected] or (406) 994-7476

Registration Form

Please review the 'Rules for Team Registration' above.  You will be asked on the registration form to acknowledge your review, understanding, and compliance with these national rules.

Please complete the registration form for individual teams.  For example, if you have a high school Varsity team and JV team, you will complete the Division C (high school) form twice.  If you have a middle school Varsity team and 2 JV teams, you will complete the Division B (middle school) form three times.

Registration deadline is February 3rd, 2024.  Questions?  Contact the Science Olympiad staff at [email protected] or (406) 994-7476.

Division B (Middle School) · Register Here

Division C (High School) · Register Here

Team Fees

Complete the Registration Form above for each team (Varsity, JV).  Calculate Registration fees as follows:

  • Varsity Team (11-15 students):            $325
  • Varsity Team (10 students or less):     $275
  • JV Team (up to 15 students):                $200

Payment Information and Credit Card Portal

Registration Fees are paid by check or credit card.  Check back here for the credit card portal, coming soon.  If paying by check, coaches will receive an invoice via email.  

Mail checks to:  MSU Science Math Resource Center, PO Box 172804, Bozeman, MT 59717

Tips for New Coaches

Video: How (and Why) to Start a Science Olympiad team!

This video presentation was part of a 2022 MFPE Educator Conference. Learn the nuts and bolts of Science Olympiad plus tips from a SciOly coach. Watch the presentation HERE

Video: Prepare your Team for Tournament Day

Hear from Dr. John Loehr and National Program Director Dan Nichols from National Science Olympiad about best practices for preparing your Science Olympiad team to compete in a tournament and what to do on competition day!  Watch the presentation HERE

Scilympiad Software

We are using the Scilympiad software for the 2024 tournament.
Get a head start and make a coach account at: https://scilympiad.com/mt 
Already have an account?  Make sure it is active and accurate to save a headache later on!

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Archived Newsletters

Previous years newsletters may be helpful for general information.  Please recognize that some information is specific to the year and tournament and may not apply to the 2024 State Tournament.

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Letter of support for School Administrators

Need a letter of support to show your school leaders the value of Science Olympiad? Here is a sample letter you can print or download.