Find more information about each dataset by clicking on the links below. 

Carbon Dioxide: Chemistry and How Carbon Dioxide Moves in the Environment - Dr. Mike DeGrandpre, University of Montana / Montana NSF EPSCoR

Fire and Water: Effects of Wildfire on our Aquatic Ecosystems - Clint Sestrich

Grizzly Bears: Grizzly Bear Population Data - Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team

Kite Weather Data: NASA AREN Kites Project - Suzi Taylor, MSU Science Math Resource Center

Macroinvertebrates: Macroinvertebrates and Stream Hydraulics - Dr. Lindsey Albertson, Montana State University

Montana Elk: Elk Management in Montana - Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Water Quality: Nitrogen in the Judith River Watershed - Dr. Rob Payn and Dr. W. Adam Sigler, Montana NSF EPSCoR