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Alumni and Friends - College alums and friends of the college.
Faculty and Staff - Current administration, staff, faculty and other employees of the college.
Current Students - Current JJCBE students.
Prospective Students - Students considering application or transfer to the college.

Computer Resources - Provides lots of help for all kinds of computer questions.
Calendar - A calendar of JJCBE events
Faculty Directory - A list of all current JJCBE faculty
Messaging Center - A messaging center where you can email anyone from the College

Resources and Sources of Help in Navigating the Internet

Renne Library - MSU library resources
Internet Resources - Various internet resources (maintained by Renne Library)
Yahoo/Business/Economy - WWW links related to business and the economy
Web Searching - Keyword searching of WWW titles and resources

Business Resources

Business Resources - A list of business resources through the official state of Montana website
Kauffman Foundation - A foundation devoted to entrepreneurship
Prospera Business Network - A private, non-profit member supported economic development organization whose purpose is to advance, challenge, and inspire the business communities in southwestern Montana.
U.S. Small Business Administration - The SBA aids, counsels, assists and protects the interests of small business concerns.