Research in the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship falls into five categories

Entrepreneurship and the Economy

Research in this area focuses on understanding what influences entrepreneurs’ success in starting and growing their businesses. Jabs faculty study the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the influence of entrepreneurs’ characteristics on subsequent startup performance and decisions. Additionally, faculty are interested in businesses’ ability to grow through strategic planning and implementation. Specifically, the ability of businesses to affect consumer behavior provides an area of rich discovery for faculty research.

Public Policy, Politics, and the Regulatory Environment

Research in this area focuses on the impact of regulation and public policy on the performance of for-profit and non-profit organizations. Jabs faculty have particularly focus on the banking industry, financial markets, and the marketing of public policy. There is also interest in the likelihood of fraud, as well as ethical-decision making to counteract unethical behaviors. (NOTE: A number of research projects are funded through the Initiative for Regulation and Applied Economic Analysis at Montana State University.)

Improving Society, Non-profit and Hybrid Organizations

Research in this area identifies issues in society that could be improved through new approaches, such as transformative consumer research. Jabs faculty have tackled problems from equal pay to food systems and microfinance. The unique characteristics of non-profit and hybrid organizations provide an additional area of study for faculty investigating leadership, communications, and organizational systems.

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset and Creativity

Research in this area focuses on the behavior of organizational actors.  Specifically, Jabs faculty are interested in studying how emotional intelligence and growth mindset influence leadership styles, what interventions can increase emotional intelligence and how the interaction of emotional intelligence or growth mindset can influence performance, as well as how constraints can enhance or inhibit team creativity.

Advancing Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Excellence

Research in this area focuses on improving the delivery and assessment of business school courses.


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