Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller, an employee at MilTech, has won the Excellence in Innovative Service Award, given to a professional employee who has demonstrated tangible innovation, broad impact on student experience and/or leadership through role modeling. The award comes with a $1,500 honorarium. 

At MilTech, Miller has played a key role in the Technology Vitality Assessment, or TVA, project where he developed a tool to be used by the U.S. government to make technology investment decisions that will impact the country and its citizens. The TVA tool is quick, inexpensive, effective and helps clients understand how to prioritize development efforts for technology and be efficient with their time and money.  

“When I stop to think about the impact of what Patrick has done with the TVAs, the depth and diversity are simply astounding – and this impact is happening right here at Montana State University,” said Todd Daniels, associate director, solution and program development at MilTech. “I know we are at the beginning of something great with the TVAs because of Patrick and will not be surprised when he innovates the next great thing, because that’s just who he is.” 

Miller works closely with MSU students at MilTech. In a nomination letter from a mentee, Miller is described as someone who gives opportunities for professional growth and chances to apply their academic knowledge in a real-world setting. Students have participated in calls with various government labs, learned about cutting-edge technologies, worked with field experts and more.  

Through his consistent dedication and application of knowledge, the nomination letter reads, Miller has contributed to the professional development of several students, the reputation of MSU and the successful and broad impact of government technology.