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2017 Milestones in Service Recipients

(updated 10/10/17)

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First Name Last Name Department Years of
Service 2017



Stephen Albert Western Transportation Institute 20
Susan Anderegg Extension Service 10
Laura Andersen Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 5
Elissa Appling Culinary Services/Dining Halls Miller Commons 5
Daniel  Archer Safety & Risk Management 10
Renee Arens Animal Resource Center 15
Molly Arrandale MSU Library 10
Tanya  Arrington University Business Services 5
Patrick Baciu University Information Technology 10
Michelle Baker College of Nursing 10
Anne Barnaby Architecture 10
David   Baumbauer Dean of Agriculture 30
Jo Beaty Dean of Letters & Science 5
Samantha Beckett Microbiology & Immunology 10
Christopher Benden Facility Services 5
Jillian Bertelli Facility Services 5
Laura Boegli Center for Biofilm Engineering 10
Gerald Bohn Northern Ag Research Center 5
Andrew Bolich Rodeo 10
Jeffrey Bondy Residence Life 20
Mandie Bonello Culinary Services/Indulge Bakery 5
Rhonda Borland MSU Library 20
Dana Boyd University Health Partners 10
Lisa Brown Extended University 15
Jared Burnham Athletics 5
Matthew Caires Dean of Students 5
Kathleen Callahan MSU Library 25
Antoni Campeau Registrar's Office 5
Anne Cantrell University Communications 10
Audrey  Capp Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship 10
Nancy Carrsco Electrical Engineering 25
 Annaliesa Carter Counseling Center 5
Daniel Clark Local Government Center 20
Jennifer Clark College of Engineering 10
Laura Collins Graduate School 15
Steven Cook University Information Technology 5
Todd Crane Culinary Services/Dining Halls Miller Commons 20
DeAnna Crow  Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 10
Darryl Curfman Facility Services 5
Mark Cusack Facility Services 30
Jason Dahl Spectrum Lab 10
Frank Damberger Strand Union Administration 25
Jeannette Daniel Culinary Services/Indulge Bakery
Todd Danielson Sports Facilities 5
Ann De Meij Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 25
Alan Deibert MilTech 15
Katherine Delaney McNair Scholars Program 5
Makiko Diehl Office of International Programs 5
Lynn DiGennaro Ecology 10
Laura Dobeck Energy Research Institute 15
Blake Dooley Facility Services 10
Lisa Dorn Facility Services 5
Megkian Doyle TRiO/Student Support Services 5
Richard Droski Sports Facilities 5
Kristen Drumheller University Communications 30
Catherine Ebelke University Health Partners 15
Jennifer Eckart University Health Partners 20
Thomas Eitel Athletics 20
Tamela Eitle Office of the Provost 10
Jodie Farmer DeLay Extension Service 15
Carmen Fike Sponsored Programs 15
Tom Fischer Southern Ag Research Center 20
Michael Fox Museum of the Rockies 10
Susan Fraser Dean of Agriculture 20
Kelly Freese Culinary Services/Retail Operations 20
Dori Fuentes-Sanchez Residence Life 10
Marcia Fuller Student Accounts 5
Heidi Gagnon Administration & Finance 30
Samuel Garber Culinary Services/Dining Halls Miller Commons 10
Amaya Garcia-Costas Chemistry & Biochemistry 5
Alison Gauthier University Communications 10
Jeremy Gay Dean of Letters & Science 15
Brenda Geddes Culinary Services/Indulge Salads 10
Thomas George Facility Services 25
David Gettel Dean of Agriculture 5
Julie Geyer Sponsored Programs 15
Darien Gibson Dean of Agriculture 5
Shelby Gilluly Dean of Students 15
Michal Gilpin Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC 10
Rebecca Gleason Western Transportation Institute 10
Erin Good Culinary Services/Indulge Bakery 5
Kelly Gorham University Communications 10
Sarah Gorlitz-Burk Center for Biofilm Engineering 5
Jaime Green Residence Life 10
Rhonda Gregoire Extension Service 15
Darryl Grove Central Ag Research Center 5
Loreen Grove University Business Services 20
Tara Gunsch University Communications 15
Terry Guptill Facility Services 10
Erik Guss MSU Library 20
Mary Guthmiller MSU Library 20
Jacob Hahn University Information Technology 15
Mandy Hansen English 15
Robin Happel Dean of Agriculture 15
Diane Harn Optical Technology Center 25
MaryAnn Harris Health & Human Development 10
Nathaniel Harris Athletics 5
David Haugan Facility Services 5
David Hawkins Facility Services 20
Keri Hayes Agricultural Economics & Economics 15
Ashlee Heavrin University Police 5
Robert Hebert Facility Services 15
Liza Heer University Information Technology 10
Hwa Young Heo Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 5
Neil Hetherington Western Transportation Institute 15
Robert Higgs Athletics 25
Denis Hill Facility Services 5
Jayson Hincks University Police 5
Nathaniel Holdren Facility Services 10
Ricky Holland Facility Services 35
Genevieve Houska Western Transportation Institute 10
Tod Huidekoper Strand Union Building 10
Cordelia Huttinga Cell Biology & Neuroscience 10
Christopher Huvaere Techlink 10
Chiachi Hwang Center for Biofilm Engineering 5
Nancy Hystad Education 10
Robert Isdahl Facility Services 5
Steve Jackson Museum of the Rockies 35
Marilyn Jarvis Extended University 25
Delyn Jensen Northern Ag Research Center 15
Scott Jensen University Police 5
Brandi Johnson Health & Human Development 10
Jeffrey Johnston Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 10
Kerri Jones Microbiology & Immunology 25
David Kack Western Transportation Institute 15
Dale Kennedy Athletics 35
Bridget Kevane College of Letters & Science 20
Qasim Khan Southern Ag Research Center 15
Jeffrey Kimm University Information Technology 5
Ann Klaas Health & Human Development 10
Martha Knox Western Ag Research Center 30
Jean Koelzer Architecture 35
Robin Kuntzelman University Health Partners 20
Rachael Lamb Architecture 10
Brenda Lambert Facility Services 20
Ellen-Therese Lamm Museum of the Rockies 25
Constance Lange University Communications 5
Kristi Lavin University Health Partners 25
Toni Lee Conference Service 10
Michelle Leonti Energy Research Institute 10
Lorrie Linhart Central Ag Research Center 20
Carla Little Western Transportation Institute 15
Beth Littlefield Extension Service Nutrition Education 15
Anne Loi Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 20
Patrick Lokken KUSM State Base Fund 5
Lindsey Lorenz Center for Biofilm Engineering 10
Philip Lutton Event Services 5
Rebecca Mahurin Office of Research & Economic Development 25
Katarzyna Maison Human Resources 10
Amber Marble University Business Services 5
Thomas Marchwick University Information Technology 10
William Martin Auxiliary Services IT 5
Kerri Marx Auxiliary Services 20
Candace Mastel Facility Services 10
Wanda McCarthy Agricultural Economics & Economics 5
Linda McDonald Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 35
Catherine McKennan Culinary Services/Dining Halls Harrison 5
Annmarie McMahill Western Transportation Institute 5
Cheryl McNicholas Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC 5
Sharon Melniker Recreational Sports & Fitness 35
Brian Metzger Techlink 5
Susan Miller Shakespeare in the Parks 10
Victoria Miller School of Film and Photography 35
Wendy Minster   20
Samuel Mitchell University Health Partners 5
Tamara Moe Agricultural Economics & Economics 5
Robert Mokwa Office of the Provost 15
Jessica Murdock Dean of Agriculture 10
Shelburn Murray Registrar's Office 5
Donna Negaard Graduate School 20
Mary Nehasil Nehasil 20
Jennifer Nesbitt Sponsored Programs 15
Brittany Nickolay University Police 5
Sheila Nielsen Health Professions Advising 10
Brian O'Connor University Business Services 20
Alanna Oiestad Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 15
Laurynn Olson Office of Student Engagement 5
Lynn Olson Extension Service 10
Jordan Penney Northwest Ag Research Center 5
Arthur Petroff University Information Technology 20
Scott Pickle Culinary Services/Harrison Dining 5
Ginger Pitts Extension Service Nutrition Education 10
Justin Prigge Microbiology & Immunology 5
Devon Ragen Animal & Range Sciences 5
Lucas Ralston Facility Services 10
Gerald Reed Facility Services 25
Kyle Reynolds Registrar's Office 5
Daniel Ringer Family and Graduate Housing 15
Jason Rosen University Information Technology 10
Amy Ross University Police 10
Daniel Russell Facility Services 5
Jill Scarson Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 10
Patrick Schenck Facility Services 5
Joann Schuetze Culinary Services/Retail Operations 5
Jakob Schultz MSU Library 5
Pam Schulz College of Nursing 5
Teresa Seright College of Nursing 5
Colin Shaw Undergraduate Scholars Program 10
Shelly Shroyer College of Engineering 10
Daniel Siemsen Veterinary Medicine WIMU 30
Susan Siemsen Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 30
Tracy Simonson University Business Services 10
Phillip Smith Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory 15
Robert Snyder Office of Planning & Analysis 35
Jerry Spicher University Information Technology 20
David Spong Residence Life 10
Steven Spritzer Residence Life 20
Ami Stanley Culinary Services/Dining Halls Harrison 5
Blake Stemen Residence Life 5
Scott Sterling KUSM State Base Fund 15
Jean Sternhagen University Health Partners 10
Jennifer Storment College of Letters & Science 10
John Sully Dean of Agriculture 5
Joseph Sundstrom Facility Services 20
Aki Takeda Physics 10
Martin Teintze WWAMI Medical Educ Program 25
Harvey TeSlaa Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology 20
Jesse Thomas Chemistry & Biochemistry 5
Ellen Thompson College of Nursing 10
Susan Thompson Culinary Services/Retail Operations 10
James Tobin Residence Life 10
Monika Tokmina-Lukaszewska Chemistry & Biochemistry 5
Brian Tripet Tripet 10
Sally Turnquist ASMSU 10
Garrett Uhl MilTech 10
Justin van Almelo University Information Technology 10
Timothy Visscher University Health Partners 10
Jeanne Wagner Art 25
Ceran Walker Microbiology & Immunology 5
Rosemary Walker Human Resources 15
Patricia Walton University Health Partners 5
Ashley Ward University Information Technology 5
Bernadine Warwood Microbiology & Immunology 10
Barbara Watson Extension Housing/Weatherization 15
Julie Watson Financial Aid Services 10
Kyle Wheeler Culinary Services/Dining Halls Miller Commons 10
Samantha White Counseling Center 5
Alexander Willcox Athletics 5
Christina Williams Financial Aid Services 5
Garrett Williams University Police 5
Sharon Williams MilTech 10
Alexandra Wilson Facility Services 5
Chelsey Wilson Office of Student Engagement 5
Brandt Winkelman Energy Research Institute 5
Rick Winking University Health Partners 20
Thad Winslow University Police 10
Eric Wold Dean of Students 10
Carla Wood MSU Library 25
Joan Wu Singel Techlink 20
Tyler Yerigan Culinary Services/Dining Halls Miller Commons 5
Sing Zulauf University Business Services 25