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Fall 2014

Celebrating Milestones in Service 

1st Annual Years of Service Awards Ceremony



2-2:15 p.m.

Mingle and Refreshments

2:15 p.m.

Message from the President

2:30 p.m.

Award Presentation

We honor and celebrate our dedicated professional and classified employees who have served Montana State University for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 or more years.



Lighting: Brad Haderlie
Photography: Sepp Jannotta
Reader: Stephanie Campbell
University Catering
Conference Services
University Communications
University Printing Services
Erin Equall, piano
Cami Kohler, violin

5 Years Service Banner

Daniel Adams • Institutional Audit and Advisory Services
Angela Airhart • Auxiliary Services
Cassandra Balent • College of Letters and Science
Maya Bronston • Graduate School
Ronald Brown • Eastern Ag Research Center
Colette Campbell • Film and Photography
Kathryn Campbell • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Lauren Cerretti • Graduate School
Constance Cok • Extended University
Mett Davis • Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Caroline Dettle • Extension Service – 4-H
Erica Filipowicz • Health and Human Development
Joan Ford • Staff Senate
Sandra Germann • Extension Service – 4-H
Dale Goodyear • Facilities Services
Corey Gramer • Miller Dining
Anna Greenberg • International Programs
Tracy Grossberg • Registrar’s Office
Kate Hallowell • College of Nursing
Shelly Hogan • Academic Affairs
Deborah Holman • Extension Service
Matthew Hume • Campus Planning, Design and Construction
Phyllis Johnson • Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Neil Jorgensen • Facilities Services
Laura Kellerman • Physics
Myla Kelly • Extension Housing/Weatherization
Lisa Koyama • Student Health Service
Tiffany Krushensky • Health and Human Development
Kay LaFrance • College of Nursing
Kay Lawhon • College of Nursing
Bruce Leckband • KUSM
Terry Lessley • Facilities Services
Joe Mancuso • Residence Life
Roger Matthew • Financial Aid
Dana May • Western Transportation Institute
Jennifer McCall • College of Nursing
David Ming • Sports Facilities
Tricia Morefield • Residence Life
Kim Morrow • Student Health Service
Ana Murphy • Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Ryan Niehus • Counseling Center
Paul Winston Nugent • Electrical Engineering
Nancy Ockford • KUSM
Kyler Pallister • Microbiology and Immunology
Nancy Pedersen • Registrar’s Office
Stacie Rath • Extension Housing/Weatherization
Heather Rauser • Thermal Biology Institute
Brenda Richey • Extension Service
Joe Robbins • Facilities Services
Michael Roberty • Extension Housing/Weatherization
MaryClare Rollins • Microbiology and Immunology
Jody Sanford • College of Letters and Science
Harold Shearin • Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Heidi Silver • Student Health Service
Kimberly Sinrud • Chemistry
Jamie Snyder • Plant Sciences
Sylvia S. Sparkman • Information Technology Center
Mandy St Aubyn • Activities and Engagement
Sharon Stoneberger • Human Resources
Johnathan Taylor • Athletics
Katy Taylor • Facilities Services
Daniel Van Antwerp • Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Betsy J. Webb • Human Resources
Patrick Widhalm • Information Technology Center
J Michelle Woodbury • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Margaret Worob • Extended University
Margaret C. Ziegler • Human Resources

10 Years Service Banner

Bridget Ashcraft • University Communications
Kevin Ball • Miller Dining
Walter Banziger • Campus Planning, Design and Construction
Brittany Basye • Athletics
Sharon Beall • International Programs
Bobby Bear • Energy Research Institute
Joann Beard • Extension Service
Thomas Bonnell • University Police
Jill S. Brenden • Chemical and Biological Engineering
Mindy Brown • College of Letters and Science
Barbara Bunge • Office of Sponsored Programs
Amy Chiuchiolo • Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Bill Clinton • Architecture
David Court • University Business Services
Christopher Cover • Fat Cat Bakery
Terry Cox • Harrison Dining
MaryEllen Dietz-Holmes • KUSM
Diane Dorgan • Admissions
Kimberly Eggemeyer • Music
Jaime Eidswick • Western Transportation Institute
Brian J. Eilers • Chemistry
Steven Fisher • Center for Biofilm Engineering
Anne Frisby • Facilities Services
Annette Galioto • Extension Service
Becky Garza • Eastern Ag Research Center
Sheila Gilbertson • University Studies
Katy Ann Grassel • Catering
Keri Hallau • Physics
Cal Harrington • Spectrum Lab
Lynne Hendrickson • University Business Services
Angela Hoffman • Information Technology Center
Tom Hoffman • Information Technology Center
Andrew Hogg • Plant Sciences
Jeff Holloway • Museum of the Rockies
R.J. Hubbard • Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory
Elena Kalinina-Turner • Education, Health and Human Development
Ita Killeen • Student Health Service
Ellen King-Rodgers • KGLT Radio
Michael Landers • Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory
Mengyao Liu • Microbiology and Immunology
Erin McCormick • Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success
Jason McEndoo • Athletics
Becky McMillan • Auxiliary Services
Linda Miller • Miller Dining
Sarah Miller • College of Letters and Science
MaryShaun Mize • Athletics
Brent Olson • Electrical Engineering
John Ooley • Facilities Services
Gary Parker • Information Technology Center
Arianne Perlinski • College of Agriculture
Katena Pershing • Auxiliary Services
Robert Putzke • University Police
Halina Rickman • Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Madeleine J. Rogers • Research
Jami Sanddal • University Police
Tia Sharpe • Spectrum Lab
Igor Shchepetkin • Microbiology and Immunology
Lawrence Smith • KUSM
Glen Steinhoff • Facilities Services
Jesse Stratton • Facilities Services
Julie Tatarka • Extended University
Cecil Tharp • Animal and Range Sciences
Charles Thiel • Spectrum Lab
Cindy Tirrell • Information Technology Center
Lindsey Tollefson • Energy Research Institute
Todd Twiford • Miller Dining
Jay VanVoast • Extension Service
Keiji Yoshimura • Physics
Larissa Young • Catering

15 Years Service Banner

Aimee Bourque • Student Health Service
Martin Bourque • Information Technology Center
Kelli Buckingham-Meyer • Center for Biofilm Engineering
Steve Burk • Admissions
Cathy Costakis • Montana AHEC/Rural Health
Jennifer Dunn • Admissions
Ian Godwin • Planning and Analysis
Jeffrey Holmes • Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Alice Janke • Facilities Services
Greg Jensen • Residence Life
Peggy F. Lamb • Northern Ag Research Center
Bruce Larson • Strand Union Building
Marilyn Lockhart • Academic Affairs
Gregory J. Merchant • Industrial and Management Engineering
Duane Morris • Event Services
Ryan Richer • Catering
Beverly Stewart • Facilities Services
Sandy Sward • Office of Sponsored Programs
George Vossen • Residence Life

20 Years Service Banner

Thomas Allen • Northern Ag Research Center
Katie Bark • Health and Human Development
Doreen Brown • Chemistry
Scott Busse • Chemistry
Ray Byerly • Facilities Services
Betsy Danforth • Women’s Center
Debra De Bode • International Programs
Irene Decker • Plant Sciences
Jeanette Goodwin • Film and Photography
Christina Harmon • Physics
Steven Jenkins • Western Transportation Institute
Cindy Judkins • Residence Life
Mike Kosevich • University Food Services
Frank Kowalczyk • Facilities Services
Janet Kraft • Auxiliary Services
Don Kraft • Residence Life
Michele MacGregor • Education
Tamera Marcotte • Animal Resource Center
Wendy McCarty • University Business Services
Brandi Payne • Financial Aid
Sandy Rahn-Gibson • Extension Service
Richard Schneider • Strand Union Food Services
Stacy Schneider • Strand Union Food Services
Christin Seifert • KUSM
Gayle Taszut • University Food Services
Millie Veltkamp • Extension Service
Rosie Wallander • Land Resources and Environmental Science
Jill Zimbric • Facilities Services

25 Years Service Banner

Kathy Anthony • Miller Dining
Terri Biggs • Extension Service
Nancy Blake • Plant Sciences
Shirlena Brodie • Facilities Services
Jeff Butler • Facilities Services
Dan Davies • Athletics
Robin Francis • Libraries
Mary Fulton • Libraries
Donna Gollehon • Student Health Service
Bob Harmon • Museum of the Rockies
Ronda Harrison • Museum of the Rockies
Petrea Hofer • Plant Sciences
Teresa Klusmann • English
Milana Lazetich • Health and Human Development
Karolin Martinez • Athletics
Gretchen McNeely • College of Nursing
Linda Parsons • Facilities Services
Shirley Redding • Extension Service
Daniel Samborsky • Chemical and Biological Engineering
Tom Schulz • Athletics
Thomas Stump • Auxiliary Services
Pamela Szelmeczka • Plant Sciences
Leslie Taylor • President’s Office
Denise Thompson • Animal and Range Sciences
Bridget Westfall • Plant Sciences
Mary Lou Wilson • Auxiliary Services
Jean Woodwick • Student Health Service
Nick Zelver • Research

 30 Years Service Banner

Ronda Russell • Admissions
Leslie Schmidt • Office of Sponsored Programs

35-40 Years Service Banner

Bonnie B. Ashley • Registrar’s Office
Nadeen Baldridge • Extended University
Steve Bickwermert • University Printing
Sue Brumfield • Plant Sciences
Ron Larson • Plant Sciences
Belinda Pence • Athletics
Dennis Staples • Student Health Service

40+ Years Service Banner

Mike Hitch • Information Technology Center
Peggy Kelley • Animal and Range Sciences
Ronald Ramsfield • Plant Sciences