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2017 Celebrating Excellence in Service & Employee of the Year Award Nominees

Eight individuals and one team were named winners of Montana State University’s 28th annual Celebrating Excellence in Service and Employee of the Year awards in a ceremony held April 20, 2017. MSU announcement link.

The university recognized two individuals for their excellence in each one of the four MSU Service Excellence standards: competence, courtesy, reliability and safety. The team award was presented to the team that best exemplified the Service Excellence culture in its daily work and programs. MSU’s Service Excellence initiative aims to align the quality of the university’s service environment to the excellent education the university offers.

The 2017 award winners are listed below by award and department:


  • Mike Kosevich, Culinary Services, Dining Hall
  • Rosie Wallander, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences


  • Brenden Franson, Sports Facilities
  • Emily Salois, Montana INBRE


  • Ann Bertagnolli, Montana INBRE
  • Deborah Chiolero, Office of International Programs


  • Twanna Martin, Residence Life
  • Nilam A. Patel, University Communications

Team award

  • Housing Leadership Team - Matthew Crosby, Chancey Ringer, Amy Snyder, Amanda Tebay and James Tobin, Housing Leadership Team

Thirty individuals and twelve employee groups were nominated for MSU’s 28th annual Celebrating Excellence in Service and Employee of the Year awards honoring and celebrating MSU’s dedicated staff.

The 2017 individual nominees and their departments are, in alphabetical order:

  • Samantha Beckett, Microbiology & Immunology
  • Dr. Ann Bertagnolli, Montana INBRE
  • Elizabeth Bird, Education, Health and Human Development
  • Laura Brin, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Deborah Chiolero, Office of International Programs
  • Brenden Franson, Sports Facilities
  • Jeremy Gay, College of Letters & Science, IT
  • Ian C.P. Godwin, Planning and Analysis
  • Silvia B Harrington, University Information Technology, Telephone Services
  • Julie Heard, Office of Academic Affairs, Provost's Office
  • Jennifer Hodges, Microbiology & Immunology
  • Keely Holmes, Office of Academic Affairs, Provost's Office
  • Hannah Jensen, Residence Life 
  • Mike Kosevich, Culinary Services, Dining Hall
  • Brenda Lewis, Psychology
  • Erin Macdonald Peck, Dean of Students
  • Heather Martelle-Clark, Library 
  • Twanna Martin, Residence Life 
  • Edward McKenna, Dean of Students 
  • Kathleen Miller, College of Nursing 
  • Virginia Mohr, Department of Education 
  • Nilam Patel, University Communications 
  • Sharon Poore, College of Nursing
  • Tricia Reimche, University Business Services
  • Chancey Ringer, Family and Graduate Housing
  • Kori Robbins, History & Philosophy
  • Emily Salois, Montana INBRE
  • Chatanika (Nika) Stoop, Center for Faculty Excellence / ADVANCE Project TRACS
  • Julia W. Tietz, Office of Academic Affairs, Center for Faculty Excellence
  • Roseann Wallander, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

The 2017 team nominees and their members are, in alphabetical order by team:

  • Housing Leadership Team (Matt Crosby, Chancey Ringer, Amy Snyder, Amanda Tebay, James Tobin)
  • FAST Team (Tracy Simonson, Nancy Powell, Nathaniel Briggs, Ryan Carter, Bob Eichenberger) • Environmental Services Leadership (Shirlene Brodie, EJ Hook, Jim Waterman) 
  • Library Digitization Team (Rhonda Borland, Jim Espeland, Michelle Gollehon, Heather Hultman, Jodi Rasker, Jakob Schultz, Anne Stefani)
  • Office of Student Services - JJCBE (Katie Ebert, Liz Greenfield, Emily Keller, Brenda Truman, Ana Voss)
  • MSU Debut Team (Deb Blanchard, Julian Collins, Tina Cusker, Korrin Fagenstrom, Mindy Grobe, Whitney Hinshaw, Isaac Hunter, Lauren Mackay, Marie Nelson, Laurynn Olson, Nilam Patel, Robin Rasmussen, Brett Runnion, Joe Schumacher, Blake Stemen, Chelsey Wilson)
  • Animal & Range Sciences Administrative Team (Susan Cooper, Julie Hager, Sharon Henderson, Denise Thompson, Lisa White)
  • Letters & Science Information Technology Team (Jeremy Gay, Jason Szott, Mike Wright)
  • Groundskeeping Management (Jeff Butler, EJ Hook)
  • Animal Resource Center (Renee Arens, Tam Frerck, Jean Kundert, Tam Marcotte, Jackson Marcotte, Vickie Riojas)
  • Chosen Name Committee (Tony Campeau, Ariel Donohue, Kandi Gresswell, Rod Laakso, Paul Lambeth, Jyl Shaffer, Tracy Simonson, Eric Wold)
  • SUB Custodial Staff (Steve Debates, Joseph Huidekoper, Bruce Larson, Tim McCarthy, Jim Pelletier, Calvin Stege)

At the event, eight individual nominees will be named winners of the Employee of the Year awards. Those winners will receive $500 cash, plus a gold award pin. Winners will be selected for their excellence in demonstrating the Service Excellence standards (safety, courtesy, reliability, competence). Names of all awardees will be displayed centrally in Montana Hall.

One team award will be presented to the team that best exemplifies the Service Excellence culture in its daily work and programs through collaborative team efforts. This award will be $500 cash/winner (up to a maximum of $2,500 total award). If the selected group includes more than five individuals, the maximum of $2,500 will be split equally among the individual team members.