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2018 Milestones in Service Recipients

(updated 10/10/18)

** Please direct questions to [email protected] or call Heidi - 6600 **

Last Name First Name Department Years of Service 2018
Albert Charles Facility Services 10
Alt Susan Human Resources 30
Andrews Neal Recreational Sports & Fitness 5
Andrus Susan English 5
Angermeyr Anne Sponsored Programs 30
Ardesson Norma KUSM 25
Arlitsch Kenning Library 5
Armstrong Douglas Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory 20
Arpin Jamie Western Transportation Institute 5
Asserson Elizabeth University Health Partners 15
Backman Bruce Residence Life 25
Banderob Kirk Facility Services 5
Banfield Allison Electrical & Computer Engineering 20
Barkley Deborah Human Resources 5
Barney Rebecca Campus Planning, Design and Construction 10
Barney Jody College of Agriculture 20
Barnhart Gary Library 15
Belou Rebecca Planning & Analysis 5
Bertagnolli Ann INBRE 20
Birkeland Paul MSU Catering 20
Blackler Kristin Sustainability 5
Blunck Kurt University Police 10
Bogar Lisa University Information Technology 20
Burckhard Timothy Facility Services 20
Camper Anne College of Engineering 30
Carlin Dove Northwestern Agricultural Research Center 5
Carraway Sharleen University Health Partners 5
Cates Brodie KGLT Radio 10
Catlett Chris Facility Services 10
Cherry David Letters & Science 25
Childs Nicholas Research and Economic Development Office 5
Christensen JoAnn University Information Technology 25
Claiborne Natalie Montana AHEC/Rural Health 10
Clay Julie University Information Technology 5
Clouser Karalyn Western Transportation Institute 5
Cook Justin Research Compliance 5
Cook Michelle Bobcat Ticket Office 10
Cooke Nancy Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology 5
Corne Monique Culinary Services Dining Halls 5
Couch Susan Thermal Biology Institute 20
Cousino Christy Academic Technology and Outreach 20
Crawford Jane Mathematical Sciences 10
Crystal Clayton Facility Services 5
Culbertson John Fire Services Training School 15
Dafoe Julia Northern Agricultural Research Center 10
DeChaine Charlotte University Health Partners 15
Des Jardins Sam Campus Planning, Design and Construction 5
Des Jardins Angela Physics 10
Deshazo Chris University Information Technology 15
Doner Steven University Police 5
Donnelly Diane University Studies 30
Dove Jonathan Strand Union Administration 5
DuHoux Jamie Western Transportation Institute 20
Dungan Erica Letters & Science 15
Edwards Melis Graduate School 10
Eichenberger Bonnie Admissions 10
Eldring Joachim Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 10
Engel Mary Sponsored Programs 15
Espeland James Library 5
Fagenstrom Korrin Residence Life 5
Fastnow Christina Planning & Analysis 15
Fleming Paddy MT Mfg Extension Center MMEC 15
Flores Jill Culinary Services Dining Halls 10
Frame-Martin Shantell Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 5
Freese William Education 35
Friesenhahn Raymond Techlink 20
Gallagher Susan Western Transportation Institute 15
Garcia Tasha University Health Partners 5
Goodall Jordan University Communications 5
Goossens Thijs Athletics 5
Gray Stephanie Gallatin College 5
Guillen-Portal Fernando Plant Sciences 5
Gunnink Brett College of Engineering 15
Haderlie Brad University Information Technology 20
Hager Julie Animal & Range Sciences 20
Halbritter Timothy Residence Life 5
Haler Rebecca Culinary Services Dining Halls 10
Halverson Shay Facility Services 15
Hansen Janine Academic Technology and Outreach 25
Harbuck Kristin Business Office 10
Harris Melody Extension Nutrition 5
Harris Jacinta University Business Services 10
Hayden Christopher Sports Facilities 5
Hayes Maggie President's Office 5
Heard Julia Provost's Office 10
Heinrich Hilja Registrar's Office 10
Hill Monique College of Letters & Science 5
Hill Mariah University Health Partners 10
Hilmer Kimberly Chemistry 15
Himmer Phillip Electrical & Computer Engineering 15
Hougland Howard Facility Services 20
Huijser Marcel Western Transportation Institute 15
Huls Dale Sponsored Programs 20
Hundhausen Roy Electrical & Computer Engineering 5
Jacoby Keith KUSM State Base Fund 10
Jahnke Kathryn Campus Planning, Design and Construction 10
Jennings Jeffrey Family and Graduate Housing 25
Jessop Justin Athletics 5
Kassar Brian University Health Partners 15
Kehoe James KGLT Radio 10
Keim Stephen University Police 5
Kent Caitlin University Police 5
King Brian College of Nursing 5
King Sara Human Resources 25
Kinzle Robert MilTech 10
Knudson Tracy Modern Languages & Literature 20
Kochetkova Irina Microbiology & Immunology 15
Konkel Margaret University Studies 5
Koon Leann Western Transportation Institute 10
Kunesh Thomas Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory 5
Larby Rita Financial Aid Services 15
Larson Jocelyn Recreational Sports & Fitness 5
Larson Margaret Residence Life 20
Lauriski-Karriker Tonya Student Success Services 5
Lawver Dean KUSM State Base Fund 25
Leland Shane Southern Agricultural Research Center 5
Levengood Willard Residence Life 10
Lewis Brenda Psychology 10
Li Yanping Indulge Bakery & Salads 5
Lightner Jacklyn Facility Services 10
Limpus Mark Facility Services 25
Lindberg Michael Facility Services 15
Lineback Renee Human Resources 10
Littlefield Jeffrey Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 30
Loberg Jonathan Museum of the Rockies 10
Logan Dennis Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory 10
Lubick Kirk Research and Economic Development Office 10
Lucas Kevin Facility Services 5
Lucas Patrice College of Nursing 25
Luft Jeni Facility Services 5
Maccagnano John College of Nursing 30
Macdonald Erin Dean of Students 10
Madero Rosemary Education 5
Major Dawn Honors College 30
Marchwick Theresa Center for Mental Health Research 10
Martelle Heather Library 5
Martin Kelsey Political Science 5
Matzinger Kathryn Business Office 5
Mayor Manuel Facility Services 10
McCardle Aaron University Police 5
McCarthy Timothy Strand Union Administration 10
McCarthy-Rogers Amanda Art 20
McKamey Sheldon Museum of the Rockies 30
McKinney Byron Education 10
McSpadden Carmen ASMSU 15
Meldahl Cynthia Education 15
Mergy Marc Cell Biology & Neuroscience 5
Merica Tyler MilTech 5
Mest Dagny Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 10
Miller John Facility Services 10
Miller Stephen Auxiliary Services IT 10
Miller John Western Triangle Agricultural Research Center 20
Miller Victor Residence Life 20
Mitchell James University Health Partners 25
Moberg Cathy University Information Technology 5
Mock Kailyn Montana AHEC/Rural Health 5
Mohammed Yesuf Eastern Agricultural Research Center 5
Mollock Carol Agricultural Education 5
Monnin Robert Facility Services 15
Nash Deanna Plant Sciences 20
Nelson Marie University Health Partners 5
Newhall Michael Facility Services 5
Nielsen Lorri Animal Resource Center 5
Nielsen Raechell University Health Partners 15
Norris Rachel Montana AHEC/Rural Health 5
Obbink Kimberly Academic Technology and Outreach 30
O'Callaghan Jamie Education 15
Ogata Jody Registrar's Office 15
Ostermiller Brandon Culinary Services Retail Operations 5
O'Toole Loras Facility Services 20
Palagi Bobbi Library 5
Palmer Elicia Admissions 5
Parks Lance Facility Services 5
Patten Sean Techlink 15
Patterson Shannon University Studies 10
Perrin Ron Concessions 20
Perry Lisa Native American Studies 5
Peters Martha College of Nursing 15
Peters Peggy Culinary Services Dining Halls 20
Pino Lisa Facility Services 10
Prewett Julie Western Triangle Agricultural Research Center 5
Putzier Jessica Agricultural Economics & Economics 10
Rae Nicol College of Letters & Science 5
Raley Jessica Physics 5
Rasker Jodi Library 10
Rasmussen Janelle Office of International Programs 15
Reed Lynette Facility Services 10
Rice Jacob Facility Services 5
Rich Kathleen Energy Research Institute 5
Riojas Ryan Culinary Services Dining Halls 5
Riojas Vickie Animal Resource Center 25
Riojas Tino Facility Services 30
Rizzuto Jamie Athletics 10
Roth Aubree Health & Human Development 5
Rozett Janna Southern Agricultural Research Center 5
Ryan Patrick Facility Services 10
Salois Emily INBRE 10
Schultz Michelle KUSM State Base Fund 5
Schulz Larry Residence Life 10
Seymour Dorie University Information Technology 10
Shada Zachary Fiscal Shared Services 5
Shaw Megan KUSM State Base Fund 20
Sickler Laurie Culinary Services Retail Operations 10
Simpson Corrine Culinary Services Dining Halls 5
Smith Cyrus KUSM State Base Fund 5
Smith Emi Northern Agricultural Research Center 5
Smith Valerie MAES/DRC/SARC 5
Smith Hannah University Health Partners 10
Smith Nicholas Facility Services 10
Soll Nicole Academic Technology and Outreach 10
Spangler Lee Energy Research Institute 30
Stahly Tisha MilTech 20
Steele Karen University Studies 15
Stenberg Molly Health & Human Development 10
Stevenson Lisa Native American Studies 10
Stewart Naomi Sponsored Programs 25
Stipp James University Information Technology 5
Stix Amy College of Engineering 5
Stokes Cristin Human Resources 5
Storment Ryan University Information Technology 10
Stratton Stephanie Strand Union Administration 10
Taylor Gina Sponsored Programs 5
Taylor Kenneth Techlink 5
Tebay Cody Facility Services 10
Terrill Raine Culinary Services Retail Operations 5
Thomas Ballenger Amy College of Agriculture 5
Thompson Holly MS Science Education 5
Toeniskoetter Cheri Business Office 5
Underkofler Laura College of Engineering 30
Unverzagt Heather Plant Sciences 10
Urdahl Mitchell Facility Services 5
Urdahl Sarah Family and Graduate Housing 5
Viers Heidi Residence Life 15
Wallander Rosie Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 25
Warzecha Neil Facility Services 15
Waterman Jim Facility Services 20
Wathne Kristian Human Resources 5
Webster Barbara Facility Services 20
Weese Lyle Athletics 5
Weikert Angie Museum of the Rockies 10
Wilhelm Mary Animal Resource Center 5
Wilke Deb Residence Life 15
Wilkinson Royce Microbiology & Immunology 20
Willcox Valerie Sports Facilities 5
Williams Lyle University Information Technology 5
Wright Michael College of Letters & Science 5