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2016 Milestones in Service Recipients

(updated 10/11/16)

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First Name Last Name Department Years of
Service 2016


University Food Services

Michelle Akin Western Transportation Institute 10
Van Alke Mail Services 25
Tiffany D. H. Allen Western Transportation Institute 5
Robert Ament Western Transportation Institute 10
Shadmani M. Amin Chemistry 10
Carrie Ancell Museum of the Rockies 30
Thomas M. Bass Animal & Range Sciences 10
Carina Beck Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success 20
Nicole D. Berg Gallatin College 5
Megan Bergstedt Lasso University Budget Office 10
Timothy Bishop Central Ag Research Center 5
Christian Black Campus Planning, Design ^ Construction 5
Bonnie Blackstad University Food Services 5
Brooke Bohannon Northwestern Ag Research Center 5
Mary L. Bolick ASMSU Daycare Center 35
Janice  Bradley  Facilities Services 35
Katharine Brewer Information Technology Center 10
Aaron Britton Campus Planning, Design & Construction 5
Sandra Brunch University Communications 35
James Burroughs Center for American Indian & Rural Health Equity 5
Michael Carignan Athletics 25
Brandi Clark College of Agriculture/MAES 15
David Clark Student Health Service 15
Jamie Cornish Extended University 15
Katheryn  Craig Fire Services Training School 5
Ronald  Craighead KGLT 15
Susan Craiver University Food Services 15
William Craver Facilities Services 10
Matthew Crosby Residence Life 5
Susan W. Dana College of Business 20
Edward Davis Land Resources & Environmental Services 15
Katherine Dively Western Transportation Institute 5
Lee Dowdle Gianforte School of Computing 10
Duane Dunn Residence Life 5
David Eklund  Facilities Services 20
Tracy  Ellig University Communications 10
Steve Erickson Recreational Sports & Fitness 10
Lois Evans Office of Sponsored Programs 15
Laura Fay Western Transportation Institute 10
Marly  Folger University Food Services 5
Christina Fournier University Business Services 15
Kathryn Franklin Health & Human Development 5
Nathan Fromelt Information Technology Center 5
Cherie B. Gatzke Eastern Ag Research Center 5
Amanda Gengenbacher Education, Health & Human Development 5
Nick  Giard Facilities Services 10
Marcia Graeff Techlink 5
Andrew Greer University Police 10
Kristen  Griffin Center for Biofilm Engineering 5
Bruna Grimberg De Menalled Animal & Range Sciences 10
Jennifer Grossenbacher Extension Housing/Weatherization 10
Aaron Grusonik Dean of Students 5
Andrea Gullickson University Business Services 25
Ben Hager Library 10
Laurel Halfpap Techlink 10
Ronnie Jean Hannula Health & Human Development 20
Fiona M.  Harper Human Resources 10
Deborah Harrison Western Ag Research Center 10
Kelsey Hartzheim Wellness 10
Chuck Hatfield Information Technology Center 15
Renee Hecox Civil Engineering 35
Thomas Heetderks Information Technology Center 5
Janet Heiss Arms Gallatin College 10
 Sara Heller Health & Human Development 10
Bonnie L.  Holden University Business Services 15
Adrian V. Holley Facilities Services 5
Abbey Holm Recreational Sports & Fitness 5
Burton Holmquist University Food Services 10
Muriel R. Holmquist Electrical & Computer Engineering 25
E.J. Hook Facilities Services 5
Laurie Howell Montana INBRE 25
Teresa R.  Hoyt Microbiology & Immunology 15
Lisa Hughes Western Transportation Institute 5
Eric Hyyppa MontanaPBS 20
Kane Ioane Athletics 10
Rick Jackson Testing Services 5
Sharla Jackson Facilities Services 15
Mindy R. Jacobs University Food Services 5
Bonita Jans Auxiliary Services 15
Margaret  Jarrett Physics 25
Zackary J. Jay Chemical & Biological Engineering 5
Maria Jerome Microbiology & Immunology 25
Cheryl Johnson Microbiology & Immunology 35
Evelyn Jones Mail Services 5
Jennifer K. Joyce Student Success 10
Kristin Juliar Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC 10
Kathryn L. Jutila Chemistry 25
Todd F. Jutila University Food Services 30
Coleen Kaiser Health & Human Development 15
Kayte Kaminski Education, Health & Human Development 5
Jinling Kang Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology 10
Peggy Kastella Office of Sponsored Programs 15
Barbara Keith Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 10
Emily Kimmel Microbiology & Immunology 10
Julie Kipfer University Communications 15
Lynn Kirtley Student Health Services 5
Deb Kohtz Registrar's Office 10
Calla Kowatch-Carlson Eastern Ag Rsearch Center 5
Tracy L. Krushensky Health & Human Development 10
Kenneth Kurtenbach Office of Sponsored Program 10
Rodney Laakso Information Technology Center 5
William  Lamberty Athletics 25
Ron Larsen Academic Affairs 30
Patrick Leiggi Museum of th eRockies 30
Terry Leist Administration & Finance 10
Christopher A. Leonti College of Agriculture 10
Betty  Litschauer University Food Services 10
Shawn Long Facilities Services 5
Vicky Lund Information Technology Center 10
Wlliam W. Mackin Campus Planning, Design & Construction 10
Juli Madden Shared Services 5
Lynn Marlow Education, Health & Human Development 15
Twanna Martin Residence Life 15
Carolyn Marx Western Transportation Institute 10
Debbie McCray College of Nursing 15
Ara Meskimen Facilities Services 5
Jennifer Miller Graduate School 10
Jennie M. Miller Mail Services 10
Paul Mineau University Food Services 30
David  Moody University Food Services 5
Jeffrey  Moore Extension Housing/Weatherization 5
Thomas Mott Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Laboratory 25
Susan Myers-Clack College of Nursing 15
Kerry  Myrstol Athletics 10
Elizabeth Nicholas Office of Research Compliance 35
William  Nicholson Montana Manufacturing Extension Center 10
Heidi Nunnikhoven Extension Service 5
Barbara Nutter Facilities Services 10
Thomas O'Leary University Food Services 20
Sally O'Neill Office of International Programs 10
Christina Diance Oppegard Extension Service 5
Jay Otto Western Transportation Institute 5
Michael Ouert Office of Admissions 10
JoDee Rae Palin College of Arts & Architecture 15
Dara Palmer Plant Services & Plant Pathology 5
Albert Parker Center for Biofilm Engineering 10
Steven  Paul Facilities Services 5
Kelly Peterson Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC 5
Linda Phillips Ecology 15
Thomas Pike Facilities Services 25
Debra Redburn Education, Health & Human Development 10
Tricia J. Reirnche University Business Services 5
Susan  Reisch Office of Admissions 15
Todd Reuterdahl Residence Life 5
Brett Ritter Athletics 5
Wendy Rivers Office of International Programs 5
Ricky  Roehl Facilities Services 5
Brian Rossmann Library 15
Angela Roundtree University Police 5
Toni  Rule College of Nursing 5
Mary Fran San Soucie Extension Service 25
Michael  Sandmeyer University Food Services 15
Justin  Saunders College of Agriculture 5
Illa Saunders Office of Audit Services 15
Philip Schaff University Food Services 15
Melody Schimpf Land Resources & Environmental Sciences 15
Randy Schmautz University Police 5
Lorraine M. Sharp Facilities Services 10
Andy Shepardson Sports Facilities 5
Linda Shott Extension Service 5
Kevin Shumsky Facilities Services 10
Richard Stafford Facilities Services 20
Cindra K.  Stahl Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC 5
Michael Stanley University Police 15
Cody Stone Extension Service 10
William Sullivan Facilities Services 20
Dan Swanson Techlink 20
Will D. Swearingen Techlink 25
Greg Swica Student Health Service 5
Timothy Szafaryn Facilities Services 5
Emily Talago Micrbiology & Immunology 5
Samuel  Taylor Information Technology Center 10
Sandy  Taylor Sports Facilities 10
Suzi Taylor Extended University 20
Amanda Tebay Family & Graduate Housing 10
Laurie Thomas University Food Services 30
Murray Thompson University Food Services 10
Allison Todd College of Business 15
John Usher Information Technology Center 15
Roger  Van Andel Information Technology Center 15
Amy Van Denburgh Microbiology & Immunology 10
Natalie Villwock-Witte Western Transportation Institute 5
Laurie  Weber University Food Services 20
Susan Welker Office of International Programs 5
Ann P.  Wells Extended University 5
Jerri Weston Registrar's Office 15
Lisa White Animal & Range Sciences 10
Gary Wical Facilities Services 5
Teresa Wilhelm University Food Services 30
Jeanne Wilkinson Techlink 25
Kerry Williamson Microbiology & Immunology 10
Ann Willis Microbiology & Immunology 10
James Wilson Facilities Services 5
Janet Winnie Student Health Service 15
Amber  Wivholm University Food Services 5
Kreg Worrest MilTech 20
Pattie Yasbek Facilities Services 25
Micaela Young Office of Sponsored Programs 5
Hongtao Zhang Plant Services & Plant Pathology 5
Caroline Zimmerman University Communications 35
Bonnie Zulauf Techlink 25