The Graduate School has moved to a fully online Training and Orientation delivered through BrightSpace, MSU's online learning platform. Our office will email all newly admitted students with information about this training; with new students registered weekly in the month prior to the start of each term. If you have been a student for several years, please review the links below, as they will contain similar information provided in the Brightspace portal to new students. 

Training for all newly admitted Graduate Students:
This training covers topics which are beneficial to all graduate students such as ethics, Title IX, Safety & Risk, using the Library, Research Compliance, CITI Training, gaining residency for out of state (not international) students, and more.  For examples of past orientations, see this link.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Training:                                  
This training is for any new graduate student who is serving (or will be serving) in the capacity of a Graduate Teaching Assistant.  This training is not required, but could be very helpful in your future career. See this link for examples of past GTA trainings