We are excited to have you join MSU as a graduate student! Please register for the Spring Training & Orientation!

When registration opens, please register for our fully online Graduate Student Training & Orientation (or ask your department if they will be registering you for courses).** The course will be available for access through BrightSpace/D2L, and will become available a few weeks prior to the start of term. The course is self-guided with no meeting times to attend. 

Spring 2023, GRST 591-20, CRN: 34319


**Once registered, this class will become available to you a few weeks prior to the start of term  through BrightSpace (formally D2L), MSU's online learning platform. If you register for a course a few weeks prior to the start of term, the course is not available in BrightSpace immediately. The course will appear in 24-48 hours (or longer if the instructor has not opened the course for you to view). If it your first term and you have not registered at MSU before? See this link to details on registration.

If it has been a few terms since joining MSU and you want a refresher on some of the Training & Orientation materials for graduate students, please check this link  Are you new to being a GT or GRA, but have been a graduate student in your previous term, please see this link for examples of past GTA trainings